‘Cooler Than Me’ Mike Posner

Rating: B-

Up until this point Mike Posner has been a mix-tape artist. He is now signed to J Records, who has a host of high profile performers such as Alicia Keys. I would say he is in good hands compared to other labels that only focus on two-three artists, but that’s a topic for another day. ‘Cooler Than Me’ is the first single off of his debut album that is going to be released later this year. The 80’s influenced pop is becoming a hit. The song is currently number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100, and has moved up to number 12 in the itunes chart this past week. It is looking like Posner is going to have a top 10 hit on his hands, but is the song really that good?

Posner has good charisma during the song and I think he delivers it well. He has an interesting voice because its not strong, but I would not say its weak. It is somewhere in between which is fine but it limits what your able to do (just look at Rihanna). I am wondering how his other singles are going to sound though. Singers with unique voices can only do so much before it either gets annoying or all sounds the same, so I am interested in seeing what he’ll do. As for this song I think he sounds great. There is no need for amazing vocals here and in no way do I think he over did it.

The problem I that this sounds like something I have heard before. Hearing the song made me immediately think of Sam Sparro’s song ‘Black and Gold’ from 2008. The two have almost the same voices and the songs are very similar. By no way am I suggesting that Posner copied Sparro, but there is a clear similarity between the two. ‘Cooler Than Me’ just sounds like it has been done before and if Posner is looking for success than he has found it. With a catchy chorus and easy verses the song will do fine on the radio. There is a lot of repeating in the song, which I find annoying. I hate when people repeat the first verse and think that it’s qualified to be a second verse. Like I said though the radio will eat this song up.

Overall the song is a decent listen. You won’t be blown away, but you wont hate it at first listen. In time I’m sure we will see if Posner is a one hit wonder or if he is here to stay. I’d lean more towards 1 hit wonder, but I wouldn’t mind being wrong. Only time will tell.


One thought on “‘Cooler Than Me’ Mike Posner

  1. Comparison to excellent soulful vocal tones and range of Sam Sparro is an insult to say the least! but the ending of ‘Cooler Than Me ‘does sound like the style of Mr Sparro on the keystar 🙂

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