‘Rose Colored Glasses’ Kelly Rowland

Rating: B

A few weeks ago when I reviewed ‘Commander’ I stated that it was the first single from Kelly Rowland’s third studio album due out on September 14th. Turns out that she and her record label have decided to take a different route for the US Market. This could be a good thing considering the song did sell well on itunes its first week, but like I said in the previous review, Kelly has not had much luck in the US as a solo artist. ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ is one of the two singles set to be released in the US. The song will be sent to the mainstream/top 40 radio stations at the end of the month, while the other will be sent to the R&B stations. Sounds like a good plan, but the real question is if it will work.

The song was produced by Dr.Luke and written by Ester Dean. Both have seen major success this year with each writing or producing at least one number 1 hit this year. Kelly is not playing around with this album by getting such successful artist to work with her, sadly though they are not giving their best work to her. The song is by no means horrible, but it is not outstanding either. The drum lead beat sounds very similar to every beat that Ryan Tedder has made (think of ‘Halo’ or ‘Bleeding Love’). Dr.Luke seems to be recycling beat a lot lately, which is making the radio more annoying than it normally is because so many pop songs are copying each other. Ester Dean is proving herself to be a great songwriter. She is very versatile, and that’s the mark of a good songwriter. She can write both pop and R&B and sound convincing in both formats. Her writer is good on the song, even though I think the whole idea of looking through rose-colored glasses is corny.

Kelly sounds good, as always. She has a good way to sound convincing on the song even though she did not write it. It is sad that most artist have people writing songs for them today, but I am not going to knock someone down for it if they sound convincing on the song. Obviously Kelly had a personal connection with the song, and that’s evident in her delivery. Still, there is something about Kelly that just doesn’t fit. It’s still going to take me a while to accept Kelly as a pop artist, so that may be where the problem lies. I would rather listen to ‘Commander’ than this, so I’m hoping that he label will eventually release it in the US. It’s hard for me to figure out how well this song will do on the charts. The song could potentially land in the Top 10, since it has such a likable formula, but most of the will lie in the radios hands. If US radio decides to finally accept Kelly that we could see a very successful time period for her, but that is very uncertain given the fate of her last two albums. ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ may not be the best song that has been released, but I’m sure a good handful of people will love it, and that could carry the song into success.


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