‘Letting Go (Dutty Love)’ Sean Kingston feat. Nicki Minaj

Rating: A-

Sean Kingston has been the king of the summer for a few years now. First, his number 1 hit ‘Beautiful Girls’ ruled the summer charts in 2007 and last year his top 5 hit ‘Fire Burning’ was all over the radio. His sophomore studio album ‘Ready’ was a commercial failure, so after a hit to ego Sean is back with ‘Letting Go (Dutty Love)’-the new single from his third album due out later this year. Not only has he created the perfect island groove for the airwaves this summer, but he also called on current it girl Nicki Minaj to bring her infamous personality to the track. Good Beat + Catchy Chorus + High Profile Featured Artist = Summer Smash.

Before anything else is said it must be stated that the beat to this song is almost identical to Rihanna’s ‘Te Amo’, which is currently being serviced to European radio. I probably would have given the song an A if it weren’t so obvious that the beat is almost identical to another song. What’s even worse is that the public will think Rihanna copied Sean when/if ‘Te Amo’ is serviced to America, even though ‘Te Amo’ came out in November. Everyone takes ideas from each other, but it should never be this clear to the audience. Besides that, the song is perfect pop. The island feel of the song fits well with the island persona that Sean has created (even though he doesn’t speak with the accent he so strongly sings with, I’ll pretend its real). Music has always taken a lean towards island sounds in the summer, so it doesn’t surprise me that Sean would release this now.

Nicki Minaj even takes a few notes from Sean by adding her own island accent during the song. Nicki reinvents herself for every feature that she is in, which keeps her interesting and entertaining. I was afraid that she would become washed up with so many features, but she has found a good way to prevent that from happening. I actually look forward to a song if I know that Nicki is in it. This is also a pretty big feature for her considering she has over a minute of song time. Sean is a pretty smart guy for adding her because it will give him more airplay on the R&B stations. The pop stations will eat this song up, because they have shown a lot of love to Sean in the past. His main audience is with the pop stations.

Sean doesn’t have a good voice in my opinion. I think his accent distracts the audience from the fact that he has no vocal talent and relies solely on auto-tune to get by. Still, I have to give him credit for writing the song. He knows how to write a hit, considering the fact that he has written all of his top 10 hits. The song will definitely hit the top 10. With the catchy hook (dutty-dutty-dutty-dum-dum), and the infectious verse from Nicki the song could possibly hit the top 5. This is the big hit that both of them could use right now, especially Sean who failed to hit the top 10 with his Justin Bieber collaboration. Another contender for the summer anthem…


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