‘Whip My Hair’- Willow Smith

Rating: A-

The only reason that I am even reviewing this song is because of the talent that Willow shows at such a young age. I read a few months ago that Willow Smith, 9 years old, was going to be releasing an album later on in the year. I brushed it off as nothing because I have never known a 9 year old to make good music that would appeal to anyone outside of their age group, let alone one that could actually sing. With the young garbage artists that are out now my expectations were low to say the least. Not only did Willow prove me wrong on all levels, but she is actually giving some strong competition to many of the artist that have released music this year.

You cannot ignore the fact that this girl has true vocal talent. Her voice isn’t even close to being mature, yet she easily sounds like someone ten years her elder in this song. There are a few sections where she could improve, but the fact that she can hit these notes so strong and well at 9 years old is awesome. Willow also didn’t seem to use auto-tune on the song. Yes it is true that every artist tunes there voice in the studio, but this song sounds pretty close to the real deal. If she can sound this strong now I can’t even imagine how she will sound ten years from now.

Not only does she have an awesome voice, but she an attitude that can’t be messed with. Her delivery of the song is strong and confident. Some artists go years before sounding convincing in their songs. The chorus sounds a lot like ‘Diva’, so when the song began I was already shocked that she would even attempt to have that much attitude, but she pulled it off. She really does have swagger that no one her age has. It is looking like Willow is going to make a strong first impression on her listeners, which is a good start because she won’t have to struggle to prove her talent since it is so blatant.

The song itself is actually a smash. The beat is the urban anthem at its finest, with the delivery to back it up. The song reminds me a lot of ‘Breaking Dishes’ by Rihanna. The beat is harsh with slamming hip-hop drums, and screams in the background. The pre-chorus is catchy, and shows a small pop influence on the song. The big downfall in the song is the repeating that occurs during the verses; look at 0.31-0.36 and 1.31-1.36. I feel like it is just wasting space. The song is relatively short, so I assume they looked for ways to push it past the 3-minute mark.

I think the song will actually do quite well on the charts. I will say that I think it may be tough for the older audience to embrace the song because of her age. Even though I think her performance is great and that she could teach some artist some lessons in delivery, the fact she is still 9 may hurt her. I just think it will take some time for people to get past her age. She proves that she has true talent, so once people focus on that she should seem some success. Even though I’m not listening to the song on repeat I can appreciate talent when I hear it. I’m sure with her fame and attitude she will go far, and ‘Whip My Hair’ should peak somewhere in the top 10.

Tell me what you think! Does Willow hit a home run or is she trying to hard?


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