Artist Watch- Tarik

Straight out of New York City upcoming rapper Tarik is aiming for mass success by sticking to rap in its truest form. Recently, Rap has been so commercialized that it is hard to remember what real rap sounds like. Tarik is unashamedly taking rap back to where it should be; a focus on the lyrics and the delivery.

With his first mixtape, ‘The Tryout’, dropping in only a few weeks Tarik has began to build his buzz a few months ago releasing his own remixes to popular songs. Recreating hits like ‘Roger That’ and ‘Everything I Am’ Tarik proved that his skills are much more than most mixtape rappers. Drake and Nicki Minaj both proved their rapping skills on mixtapes before they were signed. Tarik seems to be taking the same route, because all of his songs are so lyrically strong it almost seems impossible to not be impressed. His rhymes are clever, creative, and sometimes funny. Look at ‘Roger That’ where he raps “Its about to get ugly//Shrek and Fiona”. Not only does Tarik add a sense of humor to his lyrics, but also pop culture references. He is relevant with his raps which means that the audience will connect with him. Poetry and Rap go hand and hand. If a rapper can’t intrigue the audience with their lyrics they fail. Tarik has a perfect grasp with his audience and proves with every song that he won’t let go.

Tarik always plays around with his voice as well. I have always said that Nicki Minaj is successful because of her deliveries. Look at Tarik’s verse in the ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ remix. His voice is both interesting and intriguing with the the lyrics. he plays around with the sound of words. Tarik is clearing finding his own voice and style. Experimenting with his deliveries will only make him a better rapper. This is just another way Tarik is ensuring that he is not a one dimensional artist. This verse alone proves the Tarik’s star power. I am looking forward to seeing how far he will be able to push his deliveries on his mixtape.

Rap is meant to be a representation of the artist. Rapping over songs like ‘Ms. Independent’ and ‘Try Again’ show not only how versatile he is, but also where his influences lie. An artist should be well rounded, receiving inspiration from all genres. Look at Kanye West, he openly expresses that he listens to all genres of music and many times its evident in his songs. It is smart that Tarik is already broadening his horizons because right now he is building the foundations of his career. If he continues to dabble in other genres of music Tarik will be able to reach the masses.

Until his mixtape drops check Tarik out at:

It’s always great to follow artist on their journey to success because as a fan you experience the rise with them. Tarik is well on his way to making his mark, and if he continues  to drop songs this consistently good it is only a matter of time until record labels take notice.

What do you think of Tarik? Comment in the comment section!

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