VMA: ‘Dog Days Are Over’ Florence + The Machine

Rating: B

Every year MTV nominates an artist that is more alternative or unknown  to appeal to a broad audience for the show. This year British pop group Florence + The Machine were nominated for video of the year. The nomination left a lot of people scratching their heads considering that Florence + The Machine haven’t made a strong impact on the states yet. Not only is this a turning point in their international success, but if they actually win video of the year both media and radio attention will be brought upon the band.

‘Dog Days Are Over’ is the second single from the groups album ‘Lungs’. The album was one of the most successful in Britain during the past two year. Florence began receiving attention in the states when the movie ‘Eat,Pray, Love’ chose ‘Dog Day Are Over’ to be its backing song. For smaller bands a feature in a movie or TV show can change their entire career (look at Snow Patrol or The Fray).  The single was therefore re-released for the states with a new video. Since the video’s nomination the song has hit the top 100 on itunes, and the band has been added to perform at the main show.

The song itself is unlike anything that is out on the radio now. First of all it has real instruments, which seems to be in the past. Second, the vocal arrangement and hook does not fit into the mold of current American pop. There is no repeating dance hook, just a boldly sung chorus. The song is more about passion than success. I highly doubt that it would be able to blow up on Top 40 radio. It is too different too stick with the pop audience right now. Still, the song proves what a talented singer Florence is, and can hopefully find the band building a solid fan base in the states.

Personally, I think the band would best be suited with a small following rather than mainstream success. MTV did a great job by shedding some light on a band that deserves recognition. Hopefully they will stay true to both their image and vision during their performance tomorrow night. There is nothing worse than a band that sells their image and sound in order to make money. True artist will stick to their vision no matter what the success. With a voice as good as Florence’s there is nothing more that the band should do to impress the audience.

I realize that ‘Dog Days Are Over’ will not appeal to everyone. I do encourage you to give the song a chance and spread your horizons.  The video can be viewed below. It’s a sharp contrast of colors making the video visually pleasing. Even if it does not win tomorrow the band should be thankful that they were even nominated.


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