Sales Aftermath

As I said at the beginning of the weekend, the VMA’s usually result in a sales increase for both the nominees and performers. Florence + The Machine have seen the biggest jump since they made their performance of ‘Dog Days Are Over’ last night. The song has jumped to number 10 on itunes, a new peak for them, and their album, ‘Lungs’ has jumped to number 2. This should be a huge week for them sales and chart wise. Thankfully they are gaining fans from a performance that was true to their artistry.

30 Seconds to Mars will probably see their song, ‘Kings and Queens’ reach a new peak next week as well. The song has reached to number 22 on itunes. If they were smart the song would be re-released to Top 40 radio to gain audience impressions while the song is popular on itunes. Their album, ‘This is War’ also moved up to number 22 on the album chart.

Usher moved up a few spots as ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love’ zooms to 3 on itunes. It is not surprising since his performance was the most exciting of the night. Drakes song ‘Fancy’ is at a new itunes peak of 48. I am hoping that a remix with Mary J. Blige will be released soon.

I am glad to see that Florence and 30 Seconds to Mars seem to be benefitting from the VMA’s the most. Considering that they are less commercial than all the other acts I am sure they are celebrating their success today.


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