‘Loving You No More’- Dirty Money feat. Drake

Diddy-Dirty Money probably have one of the most delayed albums in recent history. Currently the album does not have a set release date, which is over a year later that it’s original release date. Say what you want about Diddy, but he makes some smart buisness decisions.Dirty Money have yet to have a smash song to their name, so why risky having a low charting/selling album? There first single ‘Hello Good Morning’ was a moderate hit, peaking at 27 on the Hot 100 and 13 on the R&B chart. The recently released ‘Loving You No More’ is looking to build off the buzz of ‘Hello Goodmorning’ and become that hit to spark life into their album.

The song has a strong 90’s R&B feel, which a sound that Diddy guided in many ways with artists like Faith Evans. The song finds Diddy singing the whole time, while featured artist Drake sticks to the rapping. Diddy sounds nothing like himself because he actually sounds good singing in a soft falsetto. Dawn Richards has such an interesting voice, and I’m glad that we are still hearing her in songs even though her group, Danity Kane, broke up years ago. The groups other female singer, Kalenna Harper, can’t compete with Diddy and Dawn in the track. Personally I think the group would be fine without her, but she does add to the groups number and 3 is more appealing than 2 for some reason.

Drake is the real highlight in the mid-tempo jam. As always he delievers both lyrically and vocally. I’m starting to think that Drake should just stick to rapper. His verses are always solid, and I loved hearing him in a song where he only raps. I also think that it was a good thing Diddy didn’t rap in this song. His verses in ‘Hello Good Morning’ and ‘All I Do Is Win (remix)’ were far from impressive. Usually I dislike Diddy on every track that he is in, but at this point I’d rather have him sing than rap.

Overall I think the song may be there strongest offering to date. I hated the lyrics in ‘Hell Good Morning’, but the beat was so good that I let the song slide. ‘Loving You No More’ should be a hit on the R&B charts, and with Drake as a feature it has a wide audience appeal. If the song isn’t a hit than this could be very bad sign for the success of the group. With 3 singles out so far and no album date set it looks like “The Last Train To Paris’ may actually never leave.

What do you think of the song?


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