Performance Corner: Rihanna’s On Point

Since the SNL performance of ‘Only Girl’ was so bad I wanted to wait for the X- Factor performance instead. I don’t know what happened to Rihanna from last night until today, but I’m glad it happened. Vocally she did great on this performance, making it much easier to watch than last nights fiasco.

With a full stage packed with dancers and lights, Rihanna belted out Continue reading

Performance Corner: Rihanna

Rihanna started her main promotional round for new album ‘Loud’ by performing on SNL last night. She kicked off with her second single ‘What’s My Name’ minus Drake, before heading into the number 3 song in the country ‘Only Girl’.

It’s better off to start this post by saying that there was something seriously wrong with the audio, especially on ‘Only Girl’. Now, I do think that Rihanna is good vocally, but she Continue reading

‘Feel Love’- Sean Garrett feat. J.Cole

Rating: A-

Sean Garrett is widely known for writing songs for other artist, but he has yet to transfer his writing skills over to his solo career successfully. After the release of his ill-fated debut album ‘Turbo 919’, Sean is brushing himself off and trying again with his new album ‘Courtesy Of’.

‘Feel Love’ is the second single from the album, following the Nicki Minaj collaboration ‘Get It All’. The song peaked at 83 on the R&B chart, and did not chart anywhere else. Hopefully ‘Feel Love’ can have more success because this album is getting off to a rocky start to say the least. Continue reading

Producer Shout Out: Bangladesh

I have been meaning to do a feature on Bangladesh for a while. The Hip-Hop producer has seen a serge of popularity in the the last couple of years being recruited by some of musics biggest names like Lil Wayne and Beyonce. Bangladesh has a certain sound to all of his beats which distinguishing him from the rest of the pack.

The Iowa born producer chose his name to coincide with the sound he is trying to create. He tells CL Atlanta that his music is “Bangladesh. It’s just Bangladesh. It’s foreign to the ears.” He also notes Missy Elliott as one of his influences, which Continue reading

‘The Beginning’ Track List + Poll

After revealing their first single ‘The Time (The Dirty Bit)’ last week, the Black Eyed Peas have released the official track list of their album ‘The Beginning’ yesterday. I always love looking at track list because they have an effect on my level of anticipation. I know it sounds odd, but reading a the names of the songs can spark or fizzle interest.

Seeing the name of a song automatically make me question the sound and content. A songs title is always important because a bad title cold hinder the songs popularity. Reading a track list is a literal peak to the names of future flops and hits.

That being said my feelings were alway a little shaky concerning ‘The Beginning’. I generally like the Black Eyed Peas as a band, and I think they Continue reading

‘Sleazy’- Ke$ha

Rating: A-

Honestly Ke$ha is going harder than ever with the release of ‘Cannibal’. While ‘We R Who We Are’ storms up itunes in the US, Ke$ha’s team seems to have done something different in Australia. According to The Prophet Blog, ‘Sleazy’, a track taken from ‘Cannibal’ has been released to Australian itunes. The track is something I never expected from Ke$ha, and could capitulate her to a new level of stardom.

The song was produced by Bangladesh, Continue reading

The Vault: ‘Shut It Down’- Drake

Rating: A+

If this is released as a single then I’m going to have to take it out of The Vault, but it has yet to be released so it belongs here for now. ‘Shut It Down’ was originally rumored to be the first single from Drakes debut album ‘Thank Me Later’. While Drakes album is full of hits this is by far his best song he has done to date.

The slow-jam proves itself to be the most R&B influenced song on the album. Written by both Drake and The-Dream the song is the slowest that we have heard from Drake thus far, yet could actually be the most exciting.

I’m glad that the song was pushed from being the lead Continue reading

Why Taylor Swift Is Selling 1,000,000 Copies This Week-

Like I said in my Release Me Tuesday article, it is impossible to avoid Taylor Swift this week, especially with the projected numbers for her album. Currently, the album is expected to sell past 1,000,000 copies, making it the first album to do so since Lil Wayne. In an industry that is falling apart such a feat cannot be ignored, and raises the question, Why are all albums not selling like this?

Honestly I could name ten artist off the top of my head that are better than Taylor Swift both musically and vocally, so how is she achieving this? While I may not like Taylor I will be the first to admit that she has Continue reading

Sugarland On Top

With 203,000 copies sold, Sugarland lands the number 1 spot with their album ‘The Incredible Machine’. This is the fourth time that the group has been in the top spot. Once again this proves that country acts consistently have strong opening weeks. A with Taylor Swift predicted to hit anywhere from 800,000 to 1,000,000 copies next week,  I think its safe to say that the country genre has owned this years album sales.

King Of Leon open at number 2 with 184,000 copies sold. ‘Come Around Sundown’ has the highest opening both in sales and position for the group. Their last album, ‘Only By The Night’ opened at 5 with 74,000. This is a significant step up, selling over 100,000 more. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering Continue reading

iTunes Madness

Today has been a pretty interesting day on itunes since I did my Release Me Tuesday article this morning, and I’m honestly shocked by the current standings on itunes right now.

First off, I said that I was surprised that Willow wasn’t in the top 10 this morning, and then said that I didn’t think she could pull it off due to the new Taylor Swift songs that were debuting. It looks like I’m going to have to eat my words because ‘Whip My Hair’ is currently number 10 on itunes. This should result in a lofty Billboard debut next week, especially if the track rises.

Chris Brown should also have a healthy debut, with ‘Yeah x3’ currently sitting at 17. I really am surprised at this, Continue reading

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