Artist Watch: The Perennials

I like to pride myself on having a wide taste when it comes to music, but I haven’t done too many post on artist who are not in the R&B/Rap/Pop realm. The Perennials are a indie/folk music group consisting of married couple Pete and Amanda Wells. The band is unsigned and currently based out of Spokane, Wa.

If you like acoustic music than The Perennials should be a good listen for you. Their debut EP was released to itunes and other musical outlets this week, showcasing their passionate sound. Their meaningful lyrics and quiet tone create a haunting musical experience that is quite captivating.

Starting with the duet ‘What To Say’, the 5 track EP is a calming yet intriguing listen. Pete’s strong musical ability is evident on tracks like ‘Narrow Paths’ and ‘When I Met You’, while blending his guitar with his wife’s voice. Amanda’s voice is the groups strong point. She sounds flawless on every track without of the help of voice enhancers. Th EP is a clear representation of their live music, which is important for a smaller known band. Groups like The Perennials have the upper hand when it comes to performing, because their recordings and performances sound identical. There is no illusion to their sound, just raw talent.

Their music is not your typical acoustic sound, which makes them stand out. You all should check out ‘Narrow Paths’. It is one of the best indie song that I have heard in a while, and is the shining moment on the EP. It has a touching chorus, and is unashamedly romantic. Again, their debut EP, ‘The Perennials’ is out this week, so go to itunes, Cd Baby, and other digital outlets to pick it up.

Its also good to support upcoming artist and expand your musical taste, so give The Perennials a listen, check out their myspace, and let me know what you think below!


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