‘I Get Lonely Too’- Drake

Rating: C+/B-

I have to commend Drake for not becoming conformable in his current star position. As most artist know, its faster to fall from the top than to get there, and Drake dedication to stay there is noteworthy. Less than five months from the release of his debut album ‘Thank Me Later’, Drake is gearing up to release his new mixtape. ‘It’s Never Enough’ will take a look at the R&B side of Drake, which is why his first single pays homage to one of the most successful female R&B groups of all time.

‘I Get Lonely Too’ is a cover of the TLC song ‘Fanmail’. The song was the title track to their massively successful album ‘Fanmail’ and is a contains the classic TLC sound. I gave the song such a low grade because it was meant to be an album track. TLC didn’t release the song for a reason, and Drake should have done the same. I don’t mind the TLC version of the song, but I really don’t love it. I think that there are better songs, both released as singles and not, that Drake should have covered.

Technically speaking though Drake was able to take an older song and put his own spin on it. The dark beat actually fits the song more in my opinion, and Drake does a decent job singing on the track. I don’t think that this sound is anything new for Drake though. The song could have been put on his debut album, and lets be honest, anything would have been better than ‘Cece’s Interlude’. I’m wondering if the mixtape will stick to the moody R&B feel of the track. I really want Drake to switch it up a little bit, because Id love to see him push himself R&B wise.

Overall I think that the song should’ve stayed a mixtape cut. If he plans to release this to the radio, like he did with ‘Best I Ever Had’, that I doubt it will catch on. Regardless, I am glad to see Drake’s willingness to take a risk. All things considered he did a good cover of a bad song and bettering it. For that he is commended, but next time he should stick to covering a classic.

What do you think of the track?

*TLC’s original version is below*


3 thoughts on “‘I Get Lonely Too’- Drake

  1. I love both versions actually. This made me download their album. I disagree because this song was a strong album opener for them and yes there are other classics of theirs he could have recorded however the harmonies are both interesting and on point.

  2. Ick Drake can’t sing without autotune. He does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as TLC in terms of r&b. TLC set the bar. They did things that blew people’s mind and it was their own creation. They didn’t need to jack anyone else’s songs cause they could write their own. Drake can rap though so he should stick to that.

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