‘All I Want Is You’- Miguel feat. J.Cole

Rating: B+/A-

Along the lines of the last post, it looks like some male R&B artists are setting to bring back emotion to their songs. New Jive artist Miguel is set to release his debut album in Febuary 2011. The albums lead single, ‘All I Want Is You’, features up and coming rapper J.Cole. Considering the buzz that Cole has received over the past year the track has received a good amount of attention and airplay. ‘All I Want Is You’ is a slow R&B track that is a solid debut from Miguel.

The beat is simple and barley builds throughout the song. I would not recommend focusing on the it because the song becomes monotonous if you do. The same keyboard line is repeated throughout the whole track, backed by a steady drum line. The beat serves its purpose for creating a low key feel to the song, but aside from that there is nothing to write home about. It causes the listeners to focus of Miguel and Cole, who really shines on the track.

Miguel has a steady falsetto that he keeps throughout the verses. He reminds me a lot of Maxwell during the song; both have voices that lean towards the weaker side, but find strength in their falsettos. This is a good song to come out of the gate with, but it makes me wonder what else Miguel has in store. I can see him being the type of artist that shines on slow tracks but fails to succeed elsewhere. ‘All I Want Is You’ works because it showcases his voices strongest aspect, and is catchy enough to make radio impact.

J.Cole continues to prove his talents with this song. There are some rappers that are just gifted in delivery and Cole is one of them. It seems like he is not even trying, yet still is able to blow listeners away with both lyrics and performance. He doesn’t overpower Miguel though, which is important for a featured artists. He has the ability to make the song about Miguel even though he kills his verses. He serves his purpose as a featured artist, while adding to his popularity.

The song is gearing up to be a hit. So far it reached 19 on the R&B chart and 80 on the Hot 100. It continues to rise each week, and at the rate it is going it could reach a top ten position on the R&B chart in no time. The song does not have much crossover potential, but Miguel could easily build a solid R&B fan base if his second single is this strong. Overall a good song for both artist.

What do you think of the song?


4 thoughts on “‘All I Want Is You’- Miguel feat. J.Cole

  1. He’s still new to you, that’s why. You should check out his mixtape. He’s a very interesting artist.

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