‘Sure Thing’- Miguel

Rating: A++
Last time I reviewed Miguel I questioned his ability to preform on other tracks. I have never been so wrong with a skeptical attitude towards an artist. I saw Miguel perform live last night and he blew me away. ‘Sure Thing’ was the second song that he preformed, and it is one of the best R&B songs since Maxwell’s ‘Pretty Wings’. After seeing him live I think he could be the next big performer in R&B. With other male acts like Usher and Chris Brown running to pop, its nice hear R&B done right.

‘Sure Thing’ starts with Miguels voice as the main focus. Again this is another perfect vocal performance from Miguel. Normally I am not a fan of the distorted baritone voice in songs, but it works here. The heartfelt beat mixes acoustic guitar with a hip-hop undertone- a perfect example of modern R&B. The song would do wonders on the radio if it was ever released as a single, connecting with both new and old fans of the genre.

‘Sure Thing’ is unashamedly romantic song revealing a love that will outlast everything. At this point there no topic that has not be sung about, but as Miguel proves, even a used topic can sound fresh with the right delivery. The way he sings the verses is hauntingly addicting. He has a quality to his voice that is universal. Many R&B have unique voice that can be off putting to some listeners. Miguels voices is flawless, technically speaking, and emotionally compelling. He reminds me a lot of Maxwell, and I would say that’s a good thing.

The chorus to the song is gold. It is catchy enough to be stuck in your head, without becoming annoying. It’s simple melody is executed with ease by Miguel and his background singers. I think the song would be the perfect follow up to ‘All I Want Is You’. With his debut coming out in 2011, I’m positive that we will be hearing more from Miguel.

What do you think of the song?


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