The Vault: ‘Shut It Down’- Drake

Rating: A+

If this is released as a single then I’m going to have to take it out of The Vault, but it has yet to be released so it belongs here for now. ‘Shut It Down’ was originally rumored to be the first single from Drakes debut album ‘Thank Me Later’. While Drakes album is full of hits this is by far his best song he has done to date.

The slow-jam proves itself to be the most R&B influenced song on the album. Written by both Drake and The-Dream the song is the slowest that we have heard from Drake thus far, yet could actually be the most exciting.

I’m glad that the song was pushed from being the lead single because it doesn’t fit the mold of a typically lead single. It’s slow, moody, and the hook is catchy, but not strong enough to leave a lasting radio impression. Going with ‘Over’ was a great choice by Drake and his team, because it was upbeat and showed off his talent. ‘Shut It Down’ is one of those songs that grows on you, and once it does your hooked.

The-Dream actually does a decent job on the track because his voice doesn’t sound weak among the production. He also kills the harmonies in her verse, and I love the part at the end of the song where he sing ‘You looking good girl’. Even though he wrote the song, his influence on it isn’t that obvious like it normally is on the songs he writes. The repeating in the chorus is the only thing that is blatantly Dream related. There is no jumping melody like most of work.

This is also the best singing job from Drake thus far. He hits the harmonies perfectly in the chorus, and the tone of the song fits his voice well. For having such a limited voice, Drake can still hit some decently high notes. While he may be known for singing in his lower register, it was nice to hear him sing in a falsetto.

The song has the ultimate build-up to the rap section where the full beat kicks in. Honestly, I still get goosebumps when the beat drop during Drake rap. The production of the song is incredible, and any song that can consistently move you emotionally is a good one. All of this is done without being over the top too. There are no synths or corny dance beat thumping. In reality the beat isn’t even the complicated or full, but the melody line is so good that it’s chilling to listen too when added to the piano line.

I really am torn on whether I think the song should be a single or not. Some part of me wants to see it be released, but I don’t know how it would do on the radio. Some tracks are just meant for the album and this may be one of those cases. Either way, the song is amazing in my eyes, and I could only hope their is something like this on Drakes upcoming mixtape.

What do you think?


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