‘The Beginning’ Track List + Poll

After revealing their first single ‘The Time (The Dirty Bit)’ last week, the Black Eyed Peas have released the official track list of their album ‘The Beginning’ yesterday. I always love looking at track list because they have an effect on my level of anticipation. I know it sounds odd, but reading a the names of the songs can spark or fizzle interest.

Seeing the name of a song automatically make me question the sound and content. A songs title is always important because a bad title cold hinder the songs popularity. Reading a track list is a literal peak to the names of future flops and hits.

That being said my feelings were alway a little shaky concerning ‘The Beginning’. I generally like the Black Eyed Peas as a band, and I think they consistently deliver good music. (Notice how I say good not original will.i.am) I thought ‘The E.N.D.’ was a decent album, but I think they came back too soon.

I think that its good to take time off after a huge album . I realize that some people like to strike the iron while its hot, but BEP could afford to wait a bit. ‘Imma Be’ was number 1 earlier this year, it’s not like they have had a break on the radio.

Now I know some people are wondering why I’m making this a big deal when artist like Rihanna and Kanye let out 5 albums like clock work. I’m honestly saying this with BEP’s best interest in mind because they risk over-exposure. Lets look at their latest stats in the past 17 months:

‘Boom Boom Pow’ was number 1 for 12 weeks.

‘I Gotta Feeling’ was number 1 for 14 weeks.

‘Meet me Halfway’ peaked at number 7 on Nov. 7th 2009.

‘Imma Be’ was number 1 for two weeks in March.

‘Rock That Body’ peaked at number 9 in July.

BEP has literally owned the radio these past 17 month, and that why I’m weary about their album. Granted, if the music is good then I guess this is not a big deal, but running the chance of overexposure is risky. Your audience can get tiered of you and that reflects in sales and decline in radio request.

BEP separates themselves from artist like Rihanna and Kanye because of what they have just accomplished. Rihanna and Kanye spit out another album to ensure their careers. They also have not have 3 number singles in less than a year.

BEP could afford to wait. I would have waited to 2011 to drop the new album. I think ‘The Time’ would have been great to release on New Years followed by an album in February/March.

What do you think? Are the BEP risking over exposure, or do you think thy are doing the right thing?

Vote below and check out the track list as well:

1. The Time (The Dirty Bit)

2. Light Up The Night

3. ‘Love You Long Time’


5 ‘Someday’

6. ‘Whenever’

7. ‘Fashion Beats’

8. ‘Don’t Stop The Party’

9. ‘Do It Like This’

10. ‘The Best One Yet (The Boy’

11. ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’

12. ‘Play It Loud’




One thought on “‘The Beginning’ Track List + Poll

  1. i think this album would be better than the end cuz the end sucks big time.
    though it wouldnt be as nice as their previous albums..I WANT THE OLD BEP BACK. i hate all this autotune and generic shit. screw will.i.am for making BEP what they are today.
    soon everyone will be sick of this, the only reason why the end was so successful was because of their popularity and not cuz the alum is good

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