Thoughts: ‘Pink Friday’ + Tracklist

Over the weekend Nicki Minaj added her album as a pre-order on itunes, thus revealing her hotly anticipated tracklist.

It has been a long time since there has been an album by a female rapper that is so widely anticipated. One could argue that it is one of the biggest female rap albums ever, but that’s talk for a different post. There is no doubt about the pressure being on for Nicki, but if her tracklist reveals anything, I think we will are in for a treat.

The album has 6 features, leaving 7 solo songs for Nicki. I’m pretty excited about this, because considering she has been the biggest featured artist of the past year, I assumed that she’d put a lot of people on her album. It looks like she really wants to prove her own star power, and her ability to command her own track.

She also strategically picked out some great stars as features. Eminem, Drake, Rihanna,, Kanye West, and Natasha Bedingfield. While Natasha’s presence on the album surprised me i have no doubt that she will bring some great vocals to the track. Obviously Nicki is a smart woman having Rihanna as a feature. Rihanna has shined on her hip-hop collaborations, but until now all have been with male rappers. It will be interesting to hear what they cook up.

After hearing ‘Up All Night’ I know that the Drake collaboration is going to be a smash. I hope the song is just as gritty as ‘Up All Night’, because I loved the tone that they both had in their voice during that song. The Kanye song is another thing I’m looking forward too because of their work on ‘Monster’. ‘Monster’ is one of my favorite tracks right now, and has been since it was premiered. If ‘Blazin’ is anything like it then I’m in love.

*I really should mention that overall Nicki is pretty explicit, so you should know that if you want to venture into her music. It’s safe to say that automatically listening to a clean version of her songs is the way to go. At the end of the day you willingly put the music you want to your ears. After some thought and guidance I really thought that I should mention this, and while Nicki is great and exciting to listen to, you should always know the content of the music you listen too. Just a thought*

Check out the tracklist below and tell me what you think of it!

1. I’m The Best
2. Roman’s Revenge (feat. Eminem)
3. Did It On’em
4. Right Thru Me
5. Fly (feat. Rihanna)
6. Save Me
7. Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake)
8. Check It Out (feat.
9. Blazin’ (feat. Kanye West)
10. Here I Am
11. Dear Old Nicki
12. Your Love
13. Last Chance (feat. Natasha Bedingfield)
14. Super Bass (Deluxe Edition)
15. Blow Ya Mind (Deluxe Edition)
16. Muny (Deluxe Edition)
17. Girls Fall Like Dominoes (itunes Bonus Track)


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