Artist Watch: Nadine Coyle

A few weeks ago Nadine Coyle debuted her first solo single ‘Insatiable’ in the UK. Nadine was originally part of Girls Aloud, the same group that spawned Cheryl Cole. Obviously there is competition between the two since they are from the same group, which means there are many people are split in their opinions of them.

Girls Aloud went on hiatus for the girls to have the opportunity to venture into the solo world. Nadine has yet to come close to the success of her band mate Cheryl, but musically speaking she is far better. While Cheryl may have an array of hit singles, she has yet to be the main writer on any of her albums. Nadine not only is the writer and co-writer of nearly all of her album, she is vocally phenomenal.

Up until a few weeks ago I paid Nadine no mind, until one of my friends convinced me too do a write up on her. I was hesitant at first because I liked Cheryl, but decided to give it a shot anyway. After a few listens I realized how good Nadine is. Her performance ‘Insatiable’ is filled with attitude, and the song really doesn’t sound like anything else that is out now. Her music is lead by real instruments, which is a rarity today. There is a strong 80’s influence to her sound, but she leave the tackiness out. As a first single for a solo artist I think is a good start. Nadine shows not only her personality, but her star power on the track.

She signed an exclusive deal with Tesco, which gave them to rights to sell all of her music. Rather than going with a leading label, this deal allowed her to have more creative control over her album. The album debuted at 47 in the UK, but I won’t say that the deal was a complete failure. While she was limiting her sales with the deal, her album is so good that I actually think it’s worth it. Look at Cheryl Cole, her second album is horrible, but debuted at number 1. I honestly would rather have someone give me good music than chug out an album of radio singles and fillers.

It really is a shame that someone as talented as Nadine is not getting the recognition that she deserves. Any artist that writes their music should be recognized for their work. I have no shade for Cheryl, but I feel bad that Nadine is being shadowed by her. With ‘Insatiable’, both the album and the single, being so good I highly recommend that you give her shot.

I’m hoping that some record label in the US takes note of her. i think she would do pretty well here considering how talented she is. Listen to ‘Insatiable’ below and let me know what you think:


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