The Perfect Storm

Finally the week of Black Friday is upon us, bringing one of the busiest weeks for releases in music this year. I like to refer to this as The Perfect Storm because I have a feel that it is going to be pretty unpredictable. So I’m wondering which albums you are going to be buying this week, or what albums you’d like to get. This is the biggest shopping week of the year, so I assume that most of you will be going out to shop, and hopefully buying music too! Considering that some of them have leaked I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have downloaded them already. Also, considering all of the other albums that have been released you may be wanting to buy one of those instead. Considering that a lot of these artist performed last night, I wonder how much their performances affected you decision. Expect a ‘How Much?’ post for all of these albums, but I thought it would be interesting to also see which ones you’ll be buying. Vote in the poll before and leave comments:


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