Understanding a ‘Twisted Fantasy’

I have to admit that I approached the new Kanye West album cautiously. If you read this blog you know I am a fan of his work, but I had a bad feeling about this album. My main reasoning, the singles.

The chart performance of each of these singles are respectable, but after their digital release weeks they’d fall quickly down the charts. The radio was not showing him too much love this go around. I was confused because this wasn’t normal for Kanye. I became nervous.

As much as I hate to admit it, deep down I felt like the singles from his previous albums were stronger. Kanye has ussually hit a top 10 single around the release of a new album. Even Kanye’s attitude seemed different this time around.

He was so focused on the album as a whole rather than the singles individually. Even the the ‘Runaway’ video/moviething incorporated multiple songs from the album. If I had paid more attention I would have realized that this change in attitude reflected a change in his work.

After listening to the album I understood what was going on. Kanye actually created an album, something that can’t be taken apart and must be listened too in full. ‘Runaway’ is a good song, but I never thought it was amazing. After listening to the album I had a different appreciation. Creating an album with no obvious radio singles is risky, but works.

Every artist had a defining album and this is it for Kanye. It really has thrust him to a whole nother creative realm. I wonder how the album will be able to sustain sales though. Im pretty sure it will make a strong impression over this first month with the holiday season, but over the whole year I really don’t know.

I can see a grammy for Kanye for sure. Hopefully he can finally achieve that grammy for Album of the year.

What do you think? Is the album epic or are you disappointed?


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