How Much?: Ne-Yo

‘Libra Scale’ is the fourth studio album from Ne-Yo and it has gotten off to a shaky start to say the least. The album has been pushed back multiple times, and it leaked in full earlier in the month. For a moment it seemed as if the album would never see the light of day, but ironically it has been released in the busiest sales week of the year.

Ne-Yo’s last album saw not only commercial success, but critical success as well. ‘Year Of  The Gentlemen’ was nominated for Album of the Year and spawned off the hit singles ‘Miss Independent’ and ‘Closer’. Considering the success he saw I’m surprised at the performance of the ‘Libra Scale’ singles.

‘Beautiful Nightmare’ barley did any damage of the Hot 100. ‘Champagne Life’ and ‘One In A Million’ were moderate hits on the R&B chart, but nothing compared to the success he is use too. For whatever reason the public does not seem entirely interested in the project.

Still, Ne-Yo has relentlessly performed on every TV show imaginable to promote the album. Most recently he performed on the AMA’s where he ran through all of the albums singles. With all the television time, there is no doubt that it should have some type of impact on sales.

Still with no major singles to promote the album I don’t see it going far. I have always found it odd that such an accomplished songwriter could have failing singles. Ne-Yo has always written good songs for other artist, but apparently something isn’t working. Ne-Yo has had a strong string of hits, but I always felt that his best work was with other artist.

I honestly will be surprised if the album surpasses 100k. His name is recognizable which will work to his advantage on Black Friday, but with not strong singles I don’t think there is much hope.

What do you think?

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One thought on “How Much?: Ne-Yo

  1. Its predicted he will sell 140k! which im honestly surprised! never been a fan of him, but i do admit some songs are nice, like One in a Million. i think the public just wasnt interested in him anymore when he started to go the Closer and Beautiful Nightmare sound. We want the old pure R&B, laid back finger snapping Ne-Yo back!

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