Grammy Nomination Week Kickoff!

With the Grammy nominations occurring on Wednesday I wanted to officially kick it off on the blog. All week, along with the regular stories, there will be some type of Grammy story posted. Whether it’s predictions of nominations, interesting history, or opinions on the actual nominees, get ready for Grammy overload.

Overall this year has been an interesting one in music, so I am expecting the Grammy’s to reflect that. Best New Artist should be an interesting category after the rules changed thanks to Lady Gaga.

Also there are some Grammy favorites who are back in the mix after their own hiatus, and new comers who have had critics and audiences a like buzzing.

The Grammy’s are my favorite night of the year because it’s the end result to the musical year. If you intently follow music than you know that a Grammy is what artist strive for. It’s the ultimate recognition for your work as an artist.

With all this is mind feel free to submit any suggestions of facts or topics you would like me to cover this week. Maybe you want the history of a certain artist or category. Or maybe you want me to predict the nominations for a specific category. Whatever it may be, shoot me a comment below!



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