Prediction: Best New Artist Nomination

Last year there was controversy over Lady Gaga’s inability to be nominated for Best New Artist. She was nominated at the 2009 Grammy’s for ‘Just Dance’ before her album was eligible to be nominated. Her album, ‘The Fame’, was released after the cut off date, which meant it would be up for nominations at the 2010 Grammy’s.

Since Lady Gaga was nominated prior to her albums eligibility, it prevented her from being nominated for Best New Artist in 2010. Grammy rule was that an Artist could only be nominated for Best New Artist after an album was released for consideration, and if they had received any prior nomination they were ineligible.

But all thats changed after Lady Gaga’s situation changed the voters minds. Gaga, who was a shoe in to win, was snubbed that nomination causing a change in the rules. Now any Artist can be nominated for Best New Artist even if they had been nominated prior.

This change in the rule should bring some luck to potential nominees now. There are a few artists who were nominated last year for specific songs, but their albums either had yet to be released or missed the cut off. This new rule should make an interesting run in what could be one of the tightest races of the night.

Luckily for Drake the rule has been changed, because he is now a definite nominee for Best New Artist. After being nominated last year for ‘Best I Ever Had’, Drake is clearly being watched by voters. His album is a stand out from this year, and he has seen a good amount of success. He is a master of the singing/rapping style, something voters loved in Lauryn Hill, so you can definitely expect to see him on the bill.

I hate to admit it, but I think Justin Bieber will be there as well. With his album ‘My World 2.0’ selling nearly 2 million copies, becoming a tope seller this year, Bieber has the popularity on his side. But more than that he actually has the talent, playing multiple instruments, something voters love. He is also young, and being this talented as such a young age is something that voters will definitely take note of.

Kid Cudi deserves to be nominated as well and I think that there is a strong possibility. Like Drake, Cudi was nominated last year for his song ‘Day N Night’. His first and second albums, both he has released in the past year, were critically acclaimed. He is versatile and mixes genres to create his sound. Musically his is interesting and different, something voters like to reward artists for.

Florence + The Machine are a shoe in because of the success of ‘Dog Days Are Over’. Also, Florence’s voice alone could receive a grammy. They have been talked about for the past few months, so I am certain of this

There are a few other artist who could pop up as well. BoB released a great album this year, and has had three top 10 singles. He is another artist who blends genres. Ke$ha would be lucky to find her name, but considering how she has had a constant presence on the Hot 100, this might not be a huge stretch. Taio Cruz would be a long shot but he would be eligible as well. Mumford and Sons have the possibility of receiving a nomination with the buzz they have been receiving. Voter like to spread the categories, so they could fill the slot for an alternative group.

What do you think?

Did I forget anyone that you think should be nominated?

Let me know!


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