Prediction: Song Of The Year

One of the most important Grammy’s of the night is Song Of The Year. It’s such an interesting category because the biggest song of the year could be snubbed a nomination all together. A song needs to stand out to be reconized.

We are in a phase right now where a lot of songs sound alike because of the popular dance sound on the radio. While a lot of those song are good I wouldn’t expect to see songs like ‘DJ Got Us Falling In Love’ or ‘I Like It’ in the category. I think there are some obvious choices this year, but I would not be surprised to find an obscure song in the mix.

I’m pretty confident in ‘Love The Way You Lie being nominated. Eminem has been a Grammy favorite since he first emurged. The song is another revealing look into his life, similar to his Grammy winning song ‘Lose Yourself’. The voters look for songs that are moving and honest. Rihanna has also been reconized by the voters before so she only adds to the songs chances. The chorus may be the best written of the year. It was critically acclaimed as one of the best songs of the year, so this seems like a shoe in.

Florence + The Machine will probably see ‘Dog Day Are Over’ in the race. The song is unlike anything released this year, and as I said in the previous post, the group has been receiving a lot attention these past weeks. This is one case where a song does not need to be number 1 to be nominated. The song was a perfect representation of the group and showcases Florence as a top vocalist.

Last year the Kings Of Leon were nominated and I have a feeling that the voters will want to fill the rock slot with ‘Kings and Queens’ by 30 Seconds To Mars. With it’s booming chorus, the encouraging song is one of the best in the bands history. Leto’s vocals are exceptional and the sound is similar to ‘Use Somebody’, last years nominee. It also fuses pop and rock in a smart way, making it another stand out.

Kanye West is also a Grammy favorite. I could see ‘Runaway’ in the race. Similar to Eminem, the voters will love that Kanye is evalualting himself through song. The song is also complete with musical breakdowns and added voiceovers. Overall it’s epic sound is impressive and I think it has a shot.

Bruno Mars will most likely be a nominee for best new artist next year, but I think he could get reconized this year for ‘Just The Way You Are’. The highly romanticized song stands out mainly for it’s use of real instruments in this electronic world. On top of that Bruno plays all these instruments and writes everything himself. Melodically the song is beautiful, giving him an honest shot to score a nomination.

There are a few more that could get a nomination. ‘Airplanes’ could get reconized along with ‘Bad Romance’. I think BoB is an interesting artist that the voters will appreciate. Lady Gaga was a favorite last year and ‘Bad Romance’ is arguably her best song with an amazingly catchy hook and chorus. I would not be surprised at all to see her on the list.

What do you think?

Who do you want to see up there?


One thought on “Prediction: Song Of The Year

  1. would love to see Whats My Name or Rude Boy in the mix. Those are some amazingly written songs, which also are highly origianal.
    However, I believe Em, will get this one with Love The Way You Lie.

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