Performance Corner: Nicki on Kimmel

At the beginning of last week I posted a video of Nicki Minaj performing on Letterman. I was not particularly impressed with the performance because it was lacking the personality that we have grown to love from Nicki. While ‘Right Thru Me’ is a more personal song that her others that doesn’t mean her performance should lack life.

Nicki fixed all of that with her performance on Jimmy Kimmel last night. She wasn’t nearly as stiff, and she had a certain confidence about her that she was lacking on Letterman. Her faces were back into full gear and she looked like she was enjoying herself up there.

I said in my previous post on Nicki that she is a good performer, but she needs practice to gain confidence. In already less than a week Nicki has greatly improved. I think the pressure of her album sales stalled her performing in the beginning of the week. After seeing her documentary it’s easy to see that that she is her worst critic, but now that he sales are solid I think she is relaxing more.

This is a huge step in the right direction. The backtrack was still heavily relied on, but again the rapping was all live. I only wish she had some power in her voice, but I’m sure that will come as well. Watching things slowly come full circle for Nicki is exciting.

What do you think?


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