Prediction: Album of the Year

I was shocked last year when ‘Fearless’ won album of the year. I’m hoping that I won’t be as disappointed this year considering that this is the highest honor of the entire night.

In an age where albums seem to be diminishing, there are always a few each year that stand out. A good album is consistent, it makes a statement. A good album sound complete, missing nothing. It’s hard to find an album thats perfect, but considering the work that was put out this year there are a few standouts.

Sade’s album ‘Solider Of Love’ is an automatic shoe in. The 10-track album is a smooth ride from beginning to end. Mixing the genres of R&B and reggae, the album shows both growth an consistency for the group. Sade is also a Grammy favorite, and after being away for 10 years I think they are ready to welcome her back.

Eminem will see ‘Recovery’ on the bill as well. His comeback is one of the biggest in recent history, and the album was praised by everyone. It’s another intense look into his mind and struggles, something we haven’t seen since his first albums. It’s a 180 from his last album ‘Relapse’, which was still nominated for Best Rap Album. With the growth and honesty shown on ‘Recovery’, there is almost no way it won’t be nominated.

‘Need You Now’ by Lady Antebellum has a good chance with the success it saw this year. Similar to ‘Fearless’, the album was a clever mix of both country and pop. The voters were charmed by Taylor, and this album is far better. It also built upon the foundation of their first album, showing maturity and growth in both sound and subject matter. Similar to Eminem, it is a top selling album as well proving the public feels just as strongly.

Aside from those 3 albums I am not sure where the remaining slots will go. Personally I think Drake could nab a nomination with ‘Thank Me Later’. The album was a pitch perfect mix of R&B and Rap, something that has not been properly done since Lauryn Hill. He was recognized last year in the Rap categories and I could him being rewarded for his hard work.

I am not sure about the rules of EP’s being included, but if they can be Lady Gaga could be nominated for ‘The Fame Monster’. This would be her second nomination in the category, and no one can deny her talent. It’s a long shot, but Janelle Monae could be nominated for ‘The ArchAndriod (Suites II and III)’. The album was praised and was adventurous, something the voters love, but that’s a stretch.

What do you think?

Who should be nominated?


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