Performance Corner: Miguel

With the release of his debut album this week, R&B singer Miguel is making his round promoting the album. He has already toured with Mary J. Blige and is now on tour with Usher. Considering that he has yet to have a strong hit on the Hot 100 I was surprised (but glad) to see him perform on Jimmy Kimmel.

Performing his top 10 R&B hit ‘All I Want Is You’, Miguel set to impress the crowd and viewers alike. Overall I think Miguel did a pretty good job. Vocally he was perfect compared to the track. He also had a good stage presence and seems confident. I always find it awkward when an artist attempts to get the crowd involved and they fail to respond, but I give him credit for even trying with such a tough crowd.

‘Sure Thing’ is set to be his next single and I could easily see his population rising after the song is released. Make sure to check out his album if you like the performance. It’s good to see another R&B singer getting attention, especially one that is actually sticking to the genre. In a world of dance music, a little bit of R&B will do us all some good.

What do you think of the performance?


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