Performance Corner: Diddy- Dirty Money

Last night Diddy and his group Dirty Money did some major promotion for their album ‘Last Train To Paris’ on SNL. The group performed two songs including new single ‘Coming Home’.

The group performed the song on the AMA’s, but the performance left much to be desired. I have to admit that the song is growing on me, even though I feel the same about the verses.

Diddy and the girls did a great job this time around. I enjoyed how they broke down the song in a few sections to really focus on the delivery. Diddy was actually interesting during his verses, switching up his style a few times. I really think that Dawn has a great voice, so I enjoyed all the she did as well.

I honestly couldn’t take Diddy yelling during the chorus though. It was way too much hype for no reason, but I actually think the performance was genuine. They were lacking heart at the AMA’s. It seemed to bland, but the three of them owned the stage last night.

Like I said, I still think the rap verses are not good, but I’m starting to think that the song will hit big. Every time I hear it I’m liking it more, and this performance helped as well. There album comes out in 8 days, but it’s never too late for them to have a hit. If ‘Coming Home’ continues to build than Diddy and the girls could potentially see the album perform decently.

Job well done.

What do you think of the performance?


One thought on “Performance Corner: Diddy- Dirty Money

  1. Diddy really does let this group down lyrically though. I think he should just stick to the producing area.

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