‘Rolling in the Deep’- Adele (Video Included)

Rating: A

I have been meaning to write a review on ‘Rolling in the Deep’ since the song first came out in November, but time has gotten the best of me. After premiering the video to the song yesterday I thought it would be the perfect time to redeem myself by posting both a review and the music video.

Adele has become a critic favorite after her success debut album ’19’. The singer defied all the odd by breaking the US market with her powerhouse voice and style. She has won two Grammy’s so far for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Performance.

It looks like Adele will be nowhere near a sophomore slump when her album ’21’ drops in February. With more than enough time to promote the album, Adele has taken a more traditional route by letting her first single build before dropping her album (ie. not dropping a single 4 weeks before the album). First single, ‘Rolling in the Deep’, mixes the sounds of blues and soul into a revenge anthem that is a standout this year.

Filled with a thumping drum line and echoing background vocals, ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is a successful venture out of todays current style. Adele is staying true to her more rooted sound, but she has grown both lyrically and vocally on the track. As a writer on the track, Adele must have had some pent up anger, because the song is filled with venerable anger that makes for an interesting listen.

The pre-chorus to the song is the songs highlight, because among all this anger Adele reveals a glimpse of pain before ripping into the angry chorus. “The stars of your love// remind me of us// it keeps me thinking that we almost had it all”. On top of the lyrics the melody is beautiful, and  is soft in contrast to the chorus.

THe background  vocals also add for a nice affect. It gives the song a more old school feel, something I think Adele was going for. Vocally there is not much to say about Adele other than perfect. She is one of those singers that captivates you with her voice so you feel exactly what she is singing about.

The video is literally a work of art and I’m sure you will enjoy it. There is not much to it, which is nice because most videos are out to shock these days, but Adele keeps it classy and intriguing.

I really think the song could be a big hit for Adele. As of this morning the song is 34 on itunes, which will give it a debut on the Hot 100. After the success of her debut album, I’m sure the radio will give the track some love. With it’s catchy nature, the song should catch on like wildfire, and I’m sure we will hear Adele’s name at the 2012 Grammys.

Check out the video below:

Do you like the song?


3 thoughts on “‘Rolling in the Deep’- Adele (Video Included)


  2. I fell in love with Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” song first and then the video when it came out, before the album was released. I love her voice, which is so powerful, raw, and absolutely captivating! Any singing professional would recognize her talent right away.
    Having been a teen when MTV was “born,” I have a habit of looking into hidden stories, meanings, or innuendos wherever they exist in music videos. I saw the metaphorical use of the visual artistry used in the video after listening to the lyrics and relating them to what was being portrayed in the video.
    Essentially, from my perspective, the 4 separate visual stages represent the 4 chambers of her heart, which was held in the hand of the man she loved. Because of the pains he caused her and the incomplete life they will now have, her scars are painful and will take time to heal. She will also ‘hide’ a part of her soul for the grieving she feels while allowing a large part of herself to show her anger and try to have her revenge by hurting him back.
    The drummer is the “beat” of her heart – the central part of what keeps her alive.
    The dishes being thrown and broken is her anger – she is really ticked off and what better way to show your anger than to throw and break things.
    The room with the ‘dancer’ dredging up the powder from the floor with the cane or sword is where most of her sorrow is being felt. This is where a part of her ‘hides’ from the world to weep and feel the hurt of the pain caused to her.
    The best I can guess about the area, which is not really a room but an open hall in an old southern-style home, where the glasses of water are are for visual purposes to consummate the beating of her heart, or perhaps they represent her scars (?)…or she’s seeing him “crystal clear” (?)…either way, they are appealing to view when the drummer is really hammering the bass hard.
    The room that Adele is located in throughout the whole video shows a room in the midst of renovation that has been put on hold. This is her central location, emotion, for this song because she sings about how they almost had it all and now he has ruined it by doing whatever he did to hurt her. She will have to find her own self-worth to rebuild her life without him, thus being able to complete the renovation on the room, which is a symbolism of a chamber of her heart.
    Finally, the room showing the city made of paper that is eventually showered with fireworks or sparks and catches on fire. That is a strong symbolism of her getting even with the man who hurt her: “Don’t underestimate the things that I will do…there’s a fire starting in my heart…reaching a fever pitch and it’s bring me out the dark…”
    This is only my interpretation and I may be reading too much into it, but an artist as passionate as Adele would truly try to tell or show some sort of story or symbolism through metaphors.
    By the way, I love how she has a hard time keeping herself in her chair during a particular part of her song/video because she’s just tempted to dance or move her body to the beat. Look at the plastic on the floor around her feet…you will notice all the marks of where her feet could not keep still during the song…she is a deeply emotionally, feeling woman, which comes out richly in her music.
    I cannot wait for more from her!

  3. Does anyone know who these background vocals are? They are the reason I like this song. Not Adele’s performance, but their crisp voices.

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