Katy Perry Hits #1, The Hot 100 Continues to Spin

Katy Perry achieves her third consecutive number 1 as her song ‘Fireworks’ moves from number 2 to 1 this week. ‘Fireworks’ marks the sixth song in 6 weeks to hit number 1, making the penthouse spot a revolving door.

‘We R Who We R’ was followed by ‘Whats My Name’, who was replaces by ‘Like A G6’. That song was kicked out by ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ who was moved by ‘Raise You Glass’, which brings us to this week.

This is just further proof to the industry changing. With digital singles becoming a stronger influence on singles charting, there is no telling what will happen anymore. While all of these songs are doing well on the radio, I would argue that 4 of them hit number 1 on a strong digital sales week.

‘We R Who We R’ and ‘What’s My Name’ hit number 1 during there digital release weeks. ‘Raise My Glass’ jumped to number 2 on iTunes last week giving it that extra push, and ‘Fireworks’ has been number 1 on iTunes.

In no way am I saying that these songs are not legitimate number 1 songs, but just making an observation about how they all got there.

As for Katy, she is the first artist since Monica to have 3 consecutive number 1 songs from a number 1 album. Still, the album has only sold 700,000 since August. Considering that it spawned off 3 number 1 songs those numbers are not so good.

At least she is ruling singles right now. Like I said, the industry is changing, so singles artist like Rihanna and Katy may be where music is heading.

What do you think?


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