2010 Year End: Pop Songs

Dance and Techno influences ruled the pop genre this year. After the rise of dance music in 2009, this year seemed to be filled with club geared beats and distorted vocals.

Artists like Usher and Lady Antebellum saw major success as they geared their songs towards the pop audience, and newcomers like Bruno Mars and Ke$ha ruled the airwaves, causing both praise and controversy.

I feel like pop is a weird genre because it accepts and rejects songs quickly. While I feel like a song may be more R&B pop radio embraces it, yet it easily rejects songs that are clearly within the genre. That being said this was actually one of the hardest list to make because deciphering whether a song was pop or not proved to be quite difficult.

My list reflects the variety of the genre along with the wide range of artist that contributed this year. While I consider all of these songs to be pop, I could easily place other in another genre. Regardless here are my top 10 pop songs of 2010:

10. ‘DJ Got Us Falling In Love’ – Usher feat. Pitbull

9. ‘Breakeven’ – The Script

8. ‘Grenade’ – Bruno Mars

7. ‘Alejandro’ – Lady Gaga

6. ‘Need You Now’ – Lady Antebellum

5. ‘Cooler Than Me’ – Mike Posner

4. ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ – Rihanna

3. ‘Teenage Dream’ – Katy Perry

2. ‘Dynamite’ – Taio Cruz

1. ‘What’s My Name’ – Rihanna feat. Drake

Rihanna was able to not only create the best pop song of the year, but the best song of her career thus far. Written by Ester Dean and produced by Stargate, the was fully engages the listeners with it’s infectious chants and melodic chorus. ‘What’s My Name’ boast a natural chemistry between Drake and Rihanna, making the flirty track an honest listen.

What do you think?

Did I miss anyone?

Who do you think should be number 1?

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