2010 Year End: Artists

After doing song lists all week I wanted to compile a list of the top 10 artists of the year. With the debut of many new artists, as well as the comebacks of a few greats, this year was an interesting one for the music industry.

There were a few things that I considered while making the list. Chart success, overall popularity, and album sales lead me to make my decisions.

I’ll admit, it was difficult to put some of these names on the list because I really don’t like some of these artists, but there is no denying the success that these artist found this year, and for that they should be recognized and applauded. So here’s my list of the top 10 artist of 2010:

10. Taylor Swift

After selling a million albums in 1 week there was no question that Taylor should be on everyones list this year. She even managed to sell enough albums since October to make her album one of the top selling albums of the year.

9. Lady Antebellum

Not only was Lady Antebellum able to transcend genres this year, but their album, ‘Need You Now’, was the top selling album for most of the year, and they were able to score multiple Grammy nominations along the way.

8. Justin Bieber

His rise to fame is unreal in my opinion. Again, another best selling album as well as a top 5 single with ‘Baby’. He also won Best New Artist at the VMA’s and Artist of the Year at the AMA’s. Whether you love him or hate him, Justin Bieber truly had a year for the record books.

7. Katy Perry

With a number 1 album and three consecutive number 1 songs, Katy Perry ruled the airwaves this year with her second album ‘Teenage Dream’. She also scored a nomination for the coveted Album of the Year Grammy. Katy Perry pushed herself into superstardom.

6. Nicki Minaj

No artist was featured in as many songs as Nicki Minaj. She single handedly resurrected female reap becoming the first woman in 8 years to have a solo number 1 Rap song. Her debut album, ‘Pink Friday’, had the seconds biggest debut week of any female rapper. She owned Kanye and Jay-Z on ‘Monster’ proving that she is a force to be reckoned with.

5. Ke$ha

After being deemed a one-hit wonder Ke$ha proved everyone wrong but selling a million copies of her debut album. Every single song she released hit the top 10, including ‘We R Who We R’ which debuted on the charts at number 1. While she was snubbed by the Grammys, Ke$ha had a year that most artist dream of, proving that the underdog can come out on top.

4. Rihanna

This year Rihanna became the first artist since Usher to score 4 number 1 songs in one year. No one rules the Hot 100 like Rihanna, who has had two consecutive number 1 songs from her new album ‘Loud’. ‘Love The Way You Lie’, her collaboration with Eminem, is being called the song of the year by multiple publications and blogs. To date ‘Loud’ is her fastest selling album proving that Rihanna will continue to reign in the new year.

3. Drake

After being one of the most hyped up rappers last year, Drake really proved himself with his debut album ‘Thank Me Later’. The album debuted at number 1, just missing gold status it’s first week. The album produced numerous hits including hit top 5 single ‘Find Your Love’. He also scored his first number 1 being featured on ‘What’s Your Name’ with Rihanna. With multiple Grammy nominations, Drake is truly a force to be reckoned with.

2. Usher

After the disaster that was ‘Here I Stand’ Usher redeemed himself with ‘Raymond v Raymond’. The album debuted at number 1 and spawned the number 1 hit ‘OMG’. Usher continued to reign this summer releasing his ‘Verses’ album including the song ‘DJ Got Us Falling In Love’, a top 5 hits. His multiple award show performances showed everyone that he still is one of the top performers out right now. Usher brought himself back to the top.

1. Eminem

No one has had the year that Eminem had. After disappointing his fans with his last album ‘Relapse’ he came back harder than ever with his new album ‘Recovery’. Not only did the album debut at number 1 with 753,000 copies, but it became the top selling album of the year. His first single, ‘Not Afraid’, shot straight to number 1, becoming a hit on both the radio and digital markets. ‘Love The Way You Lie’ spent 7 weeks at number 1 on the Hot 100, becoming one the the biggest songs of the year. To top it all off his scored 10 Grammy nominations, the most of anyone this year. Eminem has one of, if not the, biggest comebacks to date, all done with pure talent and determination.

So what do you think?

Did I miss anyone?

Let me know:

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