2010 Year End: Top 20 Albums

We’re living in an era where many claim that the album is dead and artists are now shifting their focus to singles. I would beg to differ especially with some of the albums that have come out this year.

This year showed artists who grew both lyrically and musically, as many tried to display the notion that albums are dead. I will say that I felt the strongest about the Rap albums that were released this year, but I felt like each genre had at least one exceptional album. Still, I felt the most growth from the Rap albums this year, especially from those artists that attempted to expand the genre.

Since I extended the list to 20 albums I won’t be breaking down my choices. You could always comment if you want to know my rationale, but I will explain the number 1 album. So here are my top 20 albums of 2010:

20. New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh – Erykah Badu

19. No Mercy – T.I.

18. No Boys Allowed – Keri Hilson

17. All I Want Is You – Miguel

16. Doo-Wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars

15. Come Around Sundown – Kings of Leon

14. Back To Me – Fantasia

13. Still Standing – Monica

12. Man on the Moon Part II: The Legend of Mr. Rager – Kid Cudi

11. Pain, Passion, Pleasure – Trey Songz

Pink Friday – Nicki Minaj

The Suburbs – Arcade Fire


The Adventures of Bobby Ray – BoB

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum

Soldier of Love – Sade

Last Train to Paris – Diddy-Dirty Money

LOUD – Rihanna

Recovery – Eminem

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West

Thank Me Later – Drake

While most hip-hop fans will side with Kanye’s album I had to stick with Drake. I believe that Drake is breaking stereotypes about rappers by wearing his heart on his sleeve. Thank Me Later was a perfect look inside Drakes heart and mind. He was not ashamed to be both romantic and venerable, something that most rappers steer clear of. From the reminiscent ‘Fireworks’ to the prideful ‘Thank Me Now’ Drake proved that all of the hype he had was worth while.

While his vocals are not strong, he makes up for it in his vocal control. He knows what to do with his voice to sound good. The features on the album only enhanced the overall experience. From Alicia Keys to Lil Wayne, every feature allowed Drake to have main control while they supported him with their craftsmanship. With the album mainly produced by his good friend 40, Drake was able to develop both a style and voice that should keep him around for years to come.

What do you think?

Did I miss anyone?

One thought on “2010 Year End: Top 20 Albums

  1. I can’t believe that Mumford and Sons has not on this list for their album Sigh No More, which has been in the Top Ten on Itunes longer than I can remember and is now #2. They are a new to the industry and have have amazing lyrics in their first album that is addictive to the first time listener and leave the listener with so many postive messages. They are folk/rock band which may not bode well for mainstream listeners not familiar with this genre, but once they are listened too it is easily seen how they have broken new ground. I have been an avid hip-hop fan myself but I cannot deny the success of this album.
    First time listeners should listen The Cave first.

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