‘Hurricane’- 30 Seconds to Mars

Rating: A-

I’ve always liked 30 Seconds to Mars and I wanted to switch things up by covering a song that you wouldn’t expect to see here, so I decided to cover their new single ‘Hurricane’. A year after releasing there third album ‘This Is War’ the band released their fourth single late last month.

Ever since I heard ‘The Kill’ I have always been intrigued by the bands sound, and I think that Leto has a great voice. More times than not their songs have a dark undertone, and while I can’t listen to that type of music all the time, I appreciate it when I’m in the mood.
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Vampire Weekend Covers Cheryl Cole

Indie-Group Vampire Weekend decided to make a cover of Cheryl Cole’s hit single ‘Fight For This Love’ this past week. Being of two completely different musical backgrounds it was interesting to hear the groups take on the pop anthem that took Europe by storm last year.

Ezra Koenig has a unique voice, so I was intrigued when I first read that they covered Cheryl. Everyone knows that Cheryl has a weak voice, and so does Ezra. Considering the style Continue reading

Album Review: ‘Basic Instinct’

I honestly believe that Ciara’s talent is underrated. After bursting onto the scene with her 2004 hit ‘Goodies’, Ciara took over the radio with her debut album, followed by successful second album ‘The Evolution’. Ciara’s showmanship and singing began to steadily improve leading up to third album ‘Fantasy Ride’, but somewhere everything fell apart.

‘Fantasy Ride’ was actually a strong album, but I believe the main problem was in the promotion. ‘Love, Sex, & Magic’ was a top 10 single, and while the first week sales of the album were low, another single could have saved them. Yet, whatever the reason, everything was dropped on the project Continue reading

Wayne and Eminem Rock SNL

Last night Eminem performed on SNL brining Lil Wayne along for the ride. The pair performed their hit single ‘No Love’ together, and then each performed their own songs during the second set.

Eminem performed the P!nk assisted ‘Won’t Back Down’, which made me wonder if the track will be released as the fourth single from ‘Recovery’. At this point Eminem could release anything from that album because it sold so much, but ‘Won’t Back Down’ might go over well being that it’s Continue reading

Quick Morning Post:

I’m back home in New York so I thought it would just to appropriate to add this….

Greatest anthem for the greatest city. The video is a perfect representation as well.

Check back later for the Ciara album review.

Do you love this song?


After a few weeks of quiet time Lil Wayne crashes on the scene with his new single ‘6’7′‘, the first single from his highly anticipated album ‘Tha Carter IV’.

The single was produced by producer Banglasdesh, the same man who produced the mega-hit ‘A Milli’. When the single was first announced Lil Wayne’s associate Mack Maine made a big claim tweeting,

“Just Think A 2010 Version Of A Milli…But On [Steroids]”

referring to the song. Considering the weight that ‘A Milli’ holds, I would say that he was holding the song to very high Continue reading

Ciara Proves Her Worth

With her second live performance of the week Ciara decided to remind everyone that she is one of the top performers out right now. I was not planning on posting this performance because I assumed that it would be identical to the Ellen performance, but Ciara outdid herself with this one.

Again there was another strong display of vocals, something that is not typically associated with Ciara. There are very few Continue reading

Throwback: ‘Last Night’

I will admit that this isn’t much of a throwback, but with the Dirty Money album out this week it got me thinking about some of Diddy’s earlier projects.

I have never been a huge fan of Diddy mainly because I don’t like his rapping style, but the man does have an ear for good music, showcased by his 2007 hit ‘Last Night’.

The song was off of his number 1 album ‘Press Play’, and peaked at number 10 Continue reading

How Much?: ‘Last Train To Paris’

This week just happens to be the release week for two of the most delayed albums in recent memory. The Diddy-Dirty Money album, ‘Last Train To Paris’, has been in the works for two years now and has finally seen the light of day.

The album has helmed five singles thus far, the most successful being ‘Coming Home’, which reached a peak of  24 on the Hot 100 this week.

With ‘Coming Home’ gaining popularity, I have the feeling that the track will sell more as time goes on, rather than making a strong impression the first week.
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Performance Corner: Ciara

Better late than never- Ciara finally has began to promote her album ‘Basic Instinct’ this week with her first televised performance of her single ‘Gimmer Dat’.

Without a shadow of a doubt Ciara killed this performance. She was never one to have strong voice, but her vocals have improved greatly since her ‘Fantasy Ride’ era. Normally Ciara sing-talks her way through songs, not actually singing especially when it’s during an upbeat song.

Vocally she was one key the whole time, and she didn’t even have background singers, which is pretty risky, but she really held her own.
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