Artist Watch: Cher Lloyd

Anyone who watched/followed this years season of the X-Factor, the hit UK singing competition that sparked the career of Leona Lewis, than this post will hold nothing new. For those of you who don’t, I’d like to introduce you to Cher Lloyd. I have been meaning to do this post since the show ended, but better late than never.

Cher Lloyd is the 17 year old from Malvern who finished fourth this year in the shows competition. You may be wondering why I would even shed some light on her if she is not even the winner, but after you see her undeniable swagger and attitude will tell you why.

More importantly though, Cher just signed a contract with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, which means that we will be seeing her around America pretty soon. The budding label currently houses J. Cole and Willow Smith. This is a huge feat for her, especially considering the fact that she will receive international recognition on Roc Nation, even though she lost the competition.

Cher shocked everyone with her audition where she performed the Keri Hilson remix of ‘Turn My Swag On’. Out from this petite girl came an attitude and confidence that was completely unexpected. Slowly Cher began to grow into this role as the ‘rapper’ on the show, tackling songs like ‘Hard Knock Life’, ‘Empire State of Mind’ and ‘Mocking Bird’.

While many were quick to label her as a one trick pony Cher shocked everyone again with her performance of ‘Stay’ during the fourth live show, where she actually showed off her vocal range quite well. Cher has everything it will take to be a well-rounded artist, which is why producer has taken notice as well. There are clear similarities between Cher and show mentor Cheryl Cole, but frankly I think thats a good thing. If Cher could use Cheryl as an example and build upon that there should be no stopping her.

Now, I just want to clear the air on a few things before some of you get all defensive and proclaim your hate for Cher. First off, I didn’t think she should’ve won the competition (Rebecca should’ve). I would argue though that Cher was the only interesting act this year, and the only one that could find international success. She thought outside of the box, making her different and entertaining. I would agree with the statement that her voice needs some work, but there is no denying the lure that this girl has.

If given the right material she could be huge, and I honestly think she will be. As much as I dislike, I actually think he’ll give her the right material. Maybe she’ll be something like Fergie, rapping and singing with a good balance. Under the guidance of Jay-Z, the same man who signed Rihanna and Ne-Yo, I doubt that she’ll receive bad material.

I posted a few videos below so those of you who don’t know her can get well acquainted. For those of you who do and doubt, that’s fine. If I were you I’d wait until her album drops, because I have a funny feeling that you might be surprised.

Watch below and tell me what you think!

Her Audition:


‘Empire State of Mind’

‘Sorry Seems to Be’/ ‘Mocking Bird’

4 thoughts on “Artist Watch: Cher Lloyd

  1. Her audition was a straight jacking of Keri Hilson’s performance. From the ‘swag to the wardrobe. I agree she has potential but she shouldn’t have even made it out of the house. Keri Arrindell was much better, prettier and so sweet. I thougth Rebbecca should have one also. She can be big internationally because she’s pretty also and more importantly her voice is most interesting. Matt is cool too but his music sounds dated.

    • I really don’t like Matt and he looks like his is in pain when he sings. I can’t believe he won. I’m glad she made it out of the house though, because I think it showed what she’s capable of

  2. I did see similarities between her and Fergie, but what’s different is Fergie can sing really well, has a lot attitude and sass without trying and looks much hotter. I was hoping would sign her on and turn her into a disaster but now that she is signed to jay z, she just might have a shot at success. though i will always view her with much skepticism. she tries too hard to be original in my opinion and seems to be copying almost everyone, including Diana Vickers. it isnt bad, but its annoying. her only good performance was Stay!

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