‘Raise Your Hands’ – David Guetta feat. Miguel

Rating: B-

The new offering from David Guetta’s new album has just premiered and it features new artist Miguel. ‘Raise Your Hands’ is the second song that we have heard from Guetta’s new album following the Rihanna collaboration ‘Who’s That Chick’.

‘Raise Your Hands’ honestly sounds like everything else that Guetta has put out these past few months, but it is Miguel that makes the track really shine. For an artist that is not yet well know being asked to do a song with a hugh-profile producer is a huge honor.

The bass heavy song is a little different than the offerings that we’ve heard from Miguel thus far. Its far from his R&B roots, and I have to say that the song is actually less catchy the Guetta’s other singles. The chorus is simple and repetitive, but not in a good way. I actually think that the song would be a better album offering rather than a single.

Sadly the beat sounds recycled, which worries me. Guetta is known for making classic club beats, and the problem with ‘Raise Your Hands’ is that it sounds tired. I feel like there was no effort put into it. Where is the creativity that was found in ‘Gotta Feeling’, or the catchiness of ‘Sexy Chick’? I hope that Guetta isn’t becoming overexposed because that’s what ‘Raise Your Hands’ is leading me to believe?

The songs saving grace is Miguel though, whose smooth delivery gave the song a slick attitude. This is just further proof that Miguel deserves more recognition. Even though his album bombed I still have faith that ‘Sure Thing’ will be a hit, and it’s obvious that other people in the industry are taking notice of him as well. If the song does anything, it will get more people to notice  Miguel.

So what do you think?

Do you like the song?


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