Adele Performs ‘Someone Like You’

While Adele continues to make her rounds worldwide to promote her single ‘Rolling in the Deep’, her first offering from second album 21, she managed to give her fans a quick treat by performing the albums second single ‘Someone Like You’.

While the song has yet to receive a proper release date, Adele has mentioned that it’s on track for being released next. I won’t review the song until the studio version comes out, but I can say that it’s really outstanding. Everything from the arrangement to the melody was perfect, and this performance has gotten me quite excited to hear her album in full.

The obvious thing to talk about is Adele’s voice. There are a lot of people who can sing well, but a good singer knows when to control there voice. While riffs and runs are impressive, there something to be said about a song that’s sung straight through. Beauty is found in simplicity. No distractions, just the song and a voice.

Adele has one of the best voices in the industry right now. At only 21 years old, she sings better than half the stars that are topping the charts. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for any song that just has a voice and piano, so that may be the reason I was so blown away. Needless to say, Adele nailed the performance.

It looks like the performance has paid off so far, with the entire internet buzzing about the track. Adele created a good foundation for her career with her debut album 19. She’s a two time Grammy winner, and her album sold 843,000 in the US, which is great considering how hard it is to break into America’s market. The next step would be to build upon that foundation, and judging by the two songs we have heard already, I think Adele will have no problem doing so.

What do you think?

Check the video out below:


4 thoughts on “Adele Performs ‘Someone Like You’

  1. I have the album. It leaked a day or so ago. I hope she still sells well which I am pretty sure she’ll do well regardless. The album once again is a masterpiece.

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