Kanye Strikes Again and Again

2011 continues to baffle me unexpected twist and turns in the music world. It was announced to that Kanye West release another album this summer. You heard right, another album.

While some people are going to find the new exciting, I honestly am skeptical about it. Kanye delivered a near perfect album with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and it was only released in November! If he releases an album this summer than that will be less than a year between two albums, and to add to everything, his joint album with Jay-Z is set to drop soon as well.

To sum it up, thats a whole lot of Kanye.

Now, I’m always interested to hear new music from him, but I’m afraid that he will burnout with all of this. It is seriously going to be hard to top ‘Fantasy’, and knowing Kanye he will make it is goal to beat it. I don’t want him to delivery anything that is trying to be epic because that’s easy to pick up on. I just want him to gives us music that flows naturally, with no motives.

I will admit that I’m anxious to hear the music, but I’m far too skeptical to get excited yet.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Kanye Strikes Again and Again

  1. Fantasy could not be better. Hopefully he’s on roll and won’t put us through another 808 heartbreak if you know what I mean.

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