Poll: Diggy Simmons

Descending from hip-hop royalty, Diggy Simmons is currently holding it down for the genre that many would say is dead.

He may be young, but his families talent is clearly running through his veins. I’m really loving the fact that he hasn’t blown up yet because it’s allowing himself to prove his worth.

Sometimes when an artist descends from a famous family they rely more on their name rather their offerings. Diggy is clearly attempting to gain respect from the street by releasing mixtape material, which is smart because it’s working for Wiz Khalifa as it did for Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj.

I’m sure he could’ve released an album by now, especially since he was featured on his Dad’s MTV show, but I respect him more for taking his career slow. The mixtape route is risky, but if there is evident talent it’s the best way to build a loyal fan base.

So I ask, do you think Diggy has what it takes?

Personally, I love his style and that he sticks mainly to rapping. Everyone is singing now in their songs, and Diggy steers clear of that. I think his upbringing must have played a role in his style because it sounds older in a good way. I could easily see him becoming a big deal in the next few years if he continues to stick to straight rap. Eventually that will come back in style, and I think he’s that one that could do it.

What do you think? Watch the video below then vote:



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