The Power of the Music Video

This past week P!nk released the video for her new single ‘F***ing Perfect’ (or ‘Perfect’ for radio purposes). The video was a shocker to say the least, with graphic depiction’s of attempted suicide, followed by a victorious recovery. Needless to say the video got people talking.

More importantly though it also got people buying, which is why the song has been number 1 on itunes for few days. The song sold 104,000 copies this week, up 104% and moved 19 spots to number 6 on the Digital Chart. It also reached a new peak of 11 on the Hot 100, and at this rate the song could hit the top 5 on next weeks chart.

This is further proof that a good music video, whether it’s shocking or just plain amazing, is key in selling a song. The last time a music video has such a big effect on a song was in 2008 with ‘Single Ladies’. Beyonce’s team put all their focus in the dud song ‘If I Were A Boy’ as the lead single while servicing ‘Single Ladies’ to urban radio. Everything changed when the video came out and ‘Single Ladies’ became a cultural phenomenon. The song shot straight to number 1 and even won a Grammy.

While I don’t think P!nk has a phenomenon on her hands, I do think she could achieve her third solo number 1 song. Between the success of ‘Raise Your Glass’ and now this, P!nk has solidified her standing her standing in the pop community, making her recently announced break easier to have. It’s really amazing how far P!nk has come. She was the underdog for a while, but was able to catapult her star standing by simply showing her true talent.

Music Videos has been progressively getting worse in quality as many record labels refuse to put the money into them. It’s a shame because they are so vital to an artist’s success. Lady Gaga has played a role in reviving the music video as an art form, although I think she’s becoming too pretentious with them. Still, she brought interest back into pop videos, so most artist are beginning to step their game up. By the looks of it thought there are few videos coming out that look quite promising, and as this week proved, I’m sure the song will benefit from them.


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