Video: ‘Moment 4 Life’

It only seems appropriate to post a music video after my earlier story. Nicki Minaj and Drake premiered the highly anticipated video to their song ‘Moment 4 Life’ tonight on MTV. The song is the fourth official single from Nicki’s debut album Pink Friday.

The clip follows Nicki in a fairy tale world, with her own Fairy Godmother and Prince. The video Nicki’s best to date, and the arrival of her alter-ego Martha as the Fairy Godmother was a nice touch. In literally all of her interviews she is questioned about her alter-egos, so I’m glad she starting to reveal them. Nicki knows how to tease her fans, which is exactly why she mentioned Roman and Slim Shady. I have a feeling that you is alluding a new music video, but don’t quote me on that.

Overall the clip was alright. The beginning was a bit much, but  I wouldn’t have expected less from her. Drake did what he needed to do, and the visuals were up to par. Nicki is continually getting better with her videos though, so I would not be surprised if her next one blew me away. She stated on twitter that she wants to make videos for more songs off the album, so I look forward to those.

Premiering the song on MTV during prime time should do wonders for the track. Most videos are premiered on websites, so you know that an artist is big when they do something like this. The song entered the top 40 this week at number 37 on the Hot 100, and the top 10 at number 7 on the Hip-Hop/R&B Chart. The video will only cause more attention to the track.

Watch it below and tell me what you think:

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