Single Cover: ‘I Need A Doctor’

Here is the official cover to the new Dr. Dre single ‘I Need A Doctor’ featuring. Skylar Grey and Eminem.

The track is set to be the 2nd official single to Dre’s new album Detox, which once again does not have an official release date. There is a rumor that this could be for a re-release for Recovery, but I’d only count that as gossip considering there has been no official word about a re-release.

An unfinished version of the track did leak last week, but I don’t post songs unless they are official released. It’s hard to judge a song from an unfinished version, but I am hoping that the official version is different from the one I heard. After the songs producer Alex Da Kid said that it was going to be the biggest song of the past 10 years I was expecting something amazing. I will still hold my final judgement until the song is released to itunes this week.

I think the cover is pretty creative. It goes with Dre’s name and more importantly the same of the song. This has to be for Detox considering the one line of the sign that says “Detox Lab”, but honestly at this point this whole project is confusing me.

What do you think of the cover?


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