‘Price Tag’ – Jessie J feat. BoB

Rating: A-

After doing my artist watch on Jessie J last week I thought it would be appropriate to review her first US single ‘Price Tag’. The songs video also premiered last week, so it looks like Jessie is beginning her crack of the market.

‘Price Tag’ sounds radically different than her debut single ‘Do It Like A Dude’. There a smooth guitar line, which boast a more poppy feel. Jessie has left all the dark and grimy tones and opted for something more uplifting.

Vocally Jessie sounds a lot better on here than ‘Do It Like A Dude’. While I do love the variations of her voice I’m glad she is choosing to show the US her raw vocal talent before her vocal antics. With the US being so hard to crack into having a catchy song and true vocal talent is something that will catch everyones eye.

The song really has a lot going for it, a catch chorus, catchy hook, smooth beat and vocals, but most of all it’s not a dance record. ‘Price Tag’ will probably stick out on the radio because it doesn’t have a heart thumping bass or synth lead melody. Some will argue that this could be a disadvantage for Jessie, and that listeners won’t stick to the song, but I think the song is too good for that. If it’s something that audience can sing too than the radio will eat it up.

Also, she has BoB on the track, who does wonders with his section. Aside from ‘Magic’ I have loved everything that BoB has been a part off. I’m glad that he could work with Jessie because I feel like it was a natural match. The collaboration doesn’t feel gimmicky because BoB is popular not huge. If Kanye was on the song than I would know it was for sales, but this collaboration seems like it just feel into place. BoB presence is enough to get people to listen to the track, and honestly that’s all they need.

The song also has a simple, but great video too. When cracking another market it’s better to have both the song and the video out at the same time. Normally, an artist releases a video to push sales, but in this case having the video out at the same time means you’ve covered all your bases. It’s easier for someone to find you if you in multiple outlets.

It’s going to be exciting to see how long the song takes to impact, or if it will impact at all. Sometimes it takes months, but with Jessie’s album coming out in April, I think she has a comfortable amount of time . I’m glad her US journey is finally beginning.

Watch the songs video below:

What do you think of ‘Price Tag’?


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