Album Cover: Tha Carter IV

Last week Lil Wayne released the cover to his hotly anticipated album Tha Carter IV.

The cover seems to follow the footsteps of Tha Carter III, which had a picture of Wayne as a tattooed baby in a tuxedo.

To be perfectly honest the cover is the only thing that I am liking about the album right now. I think that “6’7” was released too early, and I’m not feeling the current single “John.”

Wayne reported Continue reading

‘Judas’ – Lady Gaga

I’ll never say that Lady Gaga is not talented. Never. I won’t claim that she can’t write a song. She can. In fact, I’d say that she is one of the best pop artist to debut in the past 15 years.

That being said, ‘Judas’ underperforms as a single.

If you don’t want to read a fairly negative review of the song then stop here. This isn’t me complaining about the song in a childish way either. I’m just disappointed.

Before people jump down my throat and call me an idiot I ask that you actually read this. Don’t skim it.

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Wiz Khalifa Sells

This week marks the release of Wiz Khalifa’s debut album Rolling Papers. The albums is lead by number 1 single “Black and Yellow” and second single “Roll Up.”

A few months ago I would’ve never thought that Wiz would be ¬†as hyped as he is now. Early on in his career I compared him to Drake; a rapper with a strong mixtape following and a strong first single. Wiz has set himself apart these last few months though proving that he is in another lane.

With his publicized relationship with Amber Rose, Wiz slowly became more Continue reading

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