Wiz Khalifa Sells

This week marks the release of Wiz Khalifa’s debut album Rolling Papers. The albums is lead by number 1 single “Black and Yellow” and second single “Roll Up.”

A few months ago I would’ve never thought that Wiz would be  as hyped as he is now. Early on in his career I compared him to Drake; a rapper with a strong mixtape following and a strong first single. Wiz has set himself apart these last few months though proving that he is in another lane.

With his publicized relationship with Amber Rose, Wiz slowly became more noticeable in the publics eye. It seems to be paying off as his buzz single “No Sleep” debuted this week at number 6.

When Wiz announced the release date for Rolling Papers I though that it was suicide considering that Britney Spears was releasing her album the same day. Once again I’ll probably be proved wrong as Billboard is predicting him to sell over 200,000 albums.

Considering that Britney is on track to sell 300,000 I think that Wiz is doing pretty well. Sure, Drake sold over 400,000 his first week and Nicki sold 375,000, but Wiz is proving that he can hold his own. B.o.B. sold less than 100,000 his first week and his had two major singles leading the albums.

It’s hard to predict albums sales in this type of climate, but I love when someone catches me by surprised. I actually was impressed with Rolling Papers and I’m glad that this will be one of the best selling weeks of the year thus far.

What do you think?

Does Wiz live up to the hype?

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