New Beyonce Single Decided

After weeks of uncertainty and rumors it seems that the Beyonce camp has finally decided on the fourth single from her latest album 4.

The single will following the moderate success of ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and ‘Best Thing I Never Had’. Different reports and pictures have been spreading across the web since August, each report claiming a different song.

To further the madness, her VMA performance and pregnancy announcement only pushed new rumors into the blogsphere, sending fans into a frenzy.

According to numerous reports ‘Countdown’ is going to be the official follow up single and will be released to the radio in early October. It is interesting to note though that  ‘Party’ has been released to urban radio, and the video was confirmed in August. That being said, it looks like Beyonce is going for the dual single approach, something that has worked for her in the past. is already teasing the video saying:

Regarding the video, we can’t say too much; but expect the unexpected! That’s right, toss any literal concept of the video you may have out the window!

The entire 4 era has confused me. It seems sloppy and unplanned, and the sales of the album back that up. I still feel the same way about 4 as I did back in June; it’s a solid album, so I think it deserves to be getting more attention than it is. I also think that the last minute of ‘1+1’ slays most of the music on R&B radio today.

That being said, I still don’t understand the fuss of ‘Countdown’. I can’t explain what it is, but there’s something missing from the song. It’s doesn’t excite me like I know it’s trying to. Just because it underwhelms me doesn’t mean its a bad song though. It’s a banger, but I just want a little more from it . I would much rather see ‘End of Time’ released, so that may play a part in my disappointment.

I’m sure the Bey fans are rejoicing with this news.

Are you?

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