Quick Notes: Billboard

A few things happened on the Billboard charts this week, so I decided that I’m going to make a quick run down of all the things that I think matter.

Remember to check out all the charts when the are posted online tomorrow. And if you really love music you should get into the habit of checking every week. Whether you want to admit it or not, Billboard is really all that matters to most labels, so it would be in you best interest to see how you favorite artists are doing.

Here’s the run down:

  • Tony Bennett scores his first number 1 album this week as Duets II sells 179,000 copies. What makes the news even more interesting is the fact that Bennett is now the oldest artist to have a number 1 album at the age of 85. Duets II features Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and the late Amy Winehouse, so it’s no surprise that the album reached the penthouse this week.
  • This is the 18th week that year-to-date albums sale is greater than it was this time last year. In a failing industry this is huge news.
  • 931.37 million digitals tracks have been sold so far this year. Itunes deserves a round of applause.
  • Rihanna new song “We Found Love” debuts at 16 on the Hot 100. This charting is based off of 4 days of sales and radio play.
  • LMFAO scores there second top 10 this year with “Sexy and I Know”. I still am in disbelief that they have found the success they have this year, but I’m not hating. *cue “Party Rock Anthem”
  • Glee took over the Hot 100 debuts this week, but then again, who cares?
  • Maroon 5 and Christina are still number 1, though Adele is coming for them fast.

And that folks is the weekly run down.



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