Video: ‘Someone Like You’

Months after premiering ‘Someone Like You’, Adele finally got around to making an official music video.

It’s real simple. Adele walks around looking sad. It’s in black and white. The camera pans around quickly. Adele looks sad again while pensively looking out to the water. She walks and looks sad.

While some people are tearing the video apart saying that they would’ve rather not had one, I say it was smart. Sure, ‘Someone Like You’ was a worldwide smash before any official video (Even though the BRIT performance counted as one), but with the song impact the US a video is bound to expand its popularity. Plus, the song is rising on the radio, so an extra push of downloads may throw the song back into the penthouse where it belongs.

It’s mind blowing that Adele has only released 2 singles in the US in 9 months and sold over 3 million copies. That’s not even comparable to the success she has had worldwide though, where she has sold about 7 millions copies, 10 million total. It just goes to show you that talent is not dead, record sales are not dead, and have a wide appeal makes all the difference.

What other artist has both 9 and 65 years olds buying there music?

The albums third single, ‘Set Fire to the Rain’, is actually her most “mainstream” song on 21 so I cant even begin to imagine how much she is going to slay the US with that one.

What do you think of the video?


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