Top 10// Reasons Why Frank Ocean Wins

I’ve decided to start a new series just to add more variety to my posts. The Top 10 is going to be a themed list, generally on something that I’ve been thinking about lately.

I think it’ll be cool to try out, and hopefully for you to read.

The first one is on Frank Ocean with ten reasons why he’s the man. Check it out below:

  1. Nostalgia, Ultra is better than any official album released this year.
  2. He dreamt his name. Oceans legal name is Christopher Breaux
  3. He’s a real lyricist – The imagery in ‘Thinking Bout You’, The story of ‘There Will Be Tears’, The emotion captured in ‘Swim Good’,ect.
  4. That being said, ‘Swim Good’.
  5. He sampled Coldplay and made it better.
  6. His favorite song is Prince’s ‘When You Were Mine.’
  7. Pharrell says he’s “the black James Taylor”.
  8. His drive to be different.
  9. He wrote ‘Miss You.’
  10. “Sweet baby Jesus.”

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