Artist Watch: Jessie J

Over the past few years the UK has been producing some serious talent. Even though American Market is notoriously difficult to crack, a few UK artist have broke through, some thing that I expect Jessie J to do.

Justin Timberlake claims that she has the best voice in the world right now, and she just won the coveted BBC Sound Award for 2011, which has gone too the likes of Adele, and 50 Cent.

So what makes her good?
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Artist Watch: Cher Lloyd

Anyone who watched/followed this years season of the X-Factor, the hit UK singing competition that sparked the career of Leona Lewis, than this post will hold nothing new. For those of you who don’t, I’d like to introduce you to Cher Lloyd. I have been meaning to do this post since the show ended, but better late than never.

Cher Lloyd is the 17 year old from Malvern who finished fourth this year in the shows competition. You may be wondering why I would even shed some light on her if she is not even the winner, but after you see her undeniable swagger and attitude will tell you why.
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Artist Watch: Nadine Coyle

A few weeks ago Nadine Coyle debuted her first solo single ‘Insatiable’ in the UK. Nadine was originally part of Girls Aloud, the same group that spawned Cheryl Cole. Obviously there is competition between the two since they are from the same group, which means there are many people are split in their opinions of them.

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Artist Watch: The Perennials

I like to pride myself on having a wide taste when it comes to music, but I haven’t done too many post on artist who are not in the R&B/Rap/Pop realm. The Perennials are a indie/folk music group consisting of married couple Pete and Amanda Wells. The band is unsigned and currently based out of Spokane, Wa.

If you like acoustic music than The Perennials should be a good listen for you. Their debut EP was released to itunes and other musical outlets this week, showcasing their passionate sound. Their meaningful lyrics and quiet tone create a haunting musical experience that is quite captivating.
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Artist Watch: Cheryl Cole

I have wanted to do a post on Cheryl Cole for some time now, and I thought there would be no better time then after her new single dropped. I was introduced to Cheryl Cole about a year ago from my girlfriend who was studying abroad in London. At the time Cheryl was gearing up to release her debut album ‘3 Words’. Her first single, ‘Fight For This Love’ was a massive hit becoming number 1 in 6 countries, hitting the top 10 in 13 others, and receiving a BRIT nomination for Best British Single. After being signed to’s music label for a US release, I think it is time for Americans to start taking notice of Cheryl in preparation of her domination.

Originally part of the successful girl group Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole branched off to do solo work while the group took a break. She caught the ear of producer, who featured her on the UK version of his song ‘Heartbreaker’. Cheryl began to collaborate with him on what would become her debut album ‘3 Words’. The album was met with huge success and its first single, ‘Fight For This Love’, went straight to number 1 selling 134,000 copies in one day. Cheryl’s music is mainstream, yet she toys around with a number of sounds and styles, making her a very versatile artist.

Her three single, ‘Fight For This Love’, ‘Parachute’ and ‘3 Words’, all have completely different sounds. Unlike many artist today, Cheryl has a hand in all of her music, even when she is not writing it. She has mentioned that each of the song on the album meant something to her, and she has explained both their meanings and histories in numerous interviews.

I would also saying that she is daring because the song ‘3 Words; is very different than anything on the radio. The song is very slow, and has a weak hook, but is hauntingly attractive to listen too. She is not ground breaking, but is certainly daring, which most artists are not.

Vocally Cheryl does not deliver impressive vocals, but she works with what she has. As I said in the ‘Promise This’ review, she is not afraid to stretch herself. She is also an amazing performer and always sings live while she is dancing. Currently, she is a judge on the UK show The X Factor, and is a household name in the country. She is the definition of an entertainer; both loved and revered.

With talk of Cheryl possibly judging the American version of The X Factor, there is no stopping her coming to America. With her star power and loving personality there is no reason why she cannot be successful here.  The US market is notoriously difficult to crack, but she needs not to worry. If she releases ‘Fight For This Love’ or ‘Promise This’ American radio will eat it up.

Enjoy Cheryl before she comes to America so you can have a leg up. Check out songs like ‘3 Word’, ‘Parachute’ and ‘Rain on Me’. Below is her genius hit ‘Fight For This Love’….

What do you think of Cheryl?

Artist Watch- Tarik

Straight out of New York City upcoming rapper Tarik is aiming for mass success by sticking to rap in its truest form. Recently, Rap has been so commercialized that it is hard to remember what real rap sounds like. Tarik is unashamedly taking rap back to where it should be; a focus on the lyrics and the delivery.

With his first mixtape, ‘The Tryout’, dropping in only a few weeks Tarik has began to build his buzz a few months ago releasing his own remixes to popular songs. Recreating hits like ‘Roger That’ and ‘Everything I Am’ Tarik proved that his skills are much more than most mixtape rappers. Drake and Nicki Minaj both proved their rapping skills on mixtapes before they were signed. Tarik seems to be taking the same route, because all of his songs are so lyrically strong it almost seems impossible to not be impressed. His rhymes are clever, creative, and sometimes funny. Look at ‘Roger That’ where he raps “Its about to get ugly//Shrek and Fiona”. Not only does Tarik add a sense of humor to his lyrics, but also pop culture references. He is relevant with his raps which means that the audience will connect with him. Poetry and Rap go hand and hand. If a rapper can’t intrigue the audience with their lyrics they fail. Tarik has a perfect grasp with his audience and proves with every song that he won’t let go.

Tarik always plays around with his voice as well. I have always said that Nicki Minaj is successful because of her deliveries. Look at Tarik’s verse in the ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ remix. His voice is both interesting and intriguing with the the lyrics. he plays around with the sound of words. Tarik is clearing finding his own voice and style. Experimenting with his deliveries will only make him a better rapper. This is just another way Tarik is ensuring that he is not a one dimensional artist. This verse alone proves the Tarik’s star power. I am looking forward to seeing how far he will be able to push his deliveries on his mixtape.

Rap is meant to be a representation of the artist. Rapping over songs like ‘Ms. Independent’ and ‘Try Again’ show not only how versatile he is, but also where his influences lie. An artist should be well rounded, receiving inspiration from all genres. Look at Kanye West, he openly expresses that he listens to all genres of music and many times its evident in his songs. It is smart that Tarik is already broadening his horizons because right now he is building the foundations of his career. If he continues to dabble in other genres of music Tarik will be able to reach the masses.

Until his mixtape drops check Tarik out at:

It’s always great to follow artist on their journey to success because as a fan you experience the rise with them. Tarik is well on his way to making his mark, and if he continues  to drop songs this consistently good it is only a matter of time until record labels take notice.

What do you think of Tarik? Comment in the comment section!

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