Performance Corner: Bruno Mars

Last night Bruno Mars made his SNL debut performing the number 1 hit ‘Just The Way You Are’ and second single ‘Grenade’. The entire set looked like a tribute to the 1960’s with Bruno looking and playing the part. SNL is a huge promotional tool for an artist of any stature, so hopefully his two perfect performances will result in stellar sales of his album, which dropped this week.

Below is the performance to ‘Grenade’, which he start out by singing his chorus to ‘Nothin’ On You’. Every aspect of the performance was perfect, from his pitch to his showmanship. He literally has all it take to be a legend, but he still has a long way to go. If he continues to perform like this and deliver hit songs Bruno could easily become one of the best out! Check out the performance and share what you think below: Continue reading

‘Grenade’- Bruno Mars

Rating: A+

If Bruno Mars continues to release amazing music than he will continue to get post on my blog. ‘Grenade’ is rumored to be the next official single off his debut album, and it is his best offering to date. With each song Bruno is getting better and more exciting to listen to. If ‘Grenade’ is released to the radio he may be unstoppable on the charts for the rest of the year.

The song sounds like its the response to Rihanna’s 2005 hit ‘Unfaithful’, with a dark undertone. Just as his last few songs the beat is done by real instruments. This really doesn’t sound like anything on the radio right now. I am not saying that I hate all songs on the radio, but its so refreshing to hear something real, with no auto tune or hip-hop drums.

‘Grenade’ is a deep song about a conflicted unequal love. The construction of the song is clever with the verses bashing the girl, while the chorus dives in on his dedicated and love for her. The entire song is a well thought out paradox because there is nothing about this girl that sounds commendable or lovable, but he still will do anything for her. Real situations equate good music, especially if they are from the artist themselves.

Bruno may actually be the best song writer out right now. He never gives up on the lyrics. Each phrase makes sense and there are no fillers. He has the best melodies because the section of the song where he sings “Gave you all I had but you put it in the trash…” is phenomenal. His background vocals in the chorus is also a nice touch, adding an emotional element.

Overall the song is amazing in every way. If this album does not debut at number 1 it will be a crime! I just hope that he will be able to bring this success past his first album. I know that may be far away, but many people come out of the gate strong and fizzle out quickly. If he stays on this musical path there not telling what he’ll do.

‘Liquor Store Blues’ – Bruno Mars feat. Damian Marley

Rating: A

There are so many good aspects to this song that it is hard to even start writing. First off, Bruno Mars is slowly becoming one of my favorite artist out right now. Even though he has yet to offer a full album, he is already showing so much promise. Is is not clear whether the song will be the official second single or if it was just released this week for promotional purposes, but either way Bruno is clearly  gearing up the public for a very strong album. The best type of promotion is a good song, and luckily for Bruno he seems to always deliver.

One of the main reasons I love this song is the fact that is has a reggae/island feel to it. I have always been a fan of island music. This is a completely different sound that his first single ‘Just The Way You Are’. Even the subject manner is darker. The self-loathing mid-tempo song features Damian Marley, who makes the song even more authentic with his heavy Jamaican accent. At first I though this was an odd duo, but considering both the feel and subject of the song I think it works out well. It is also an honor for Bruno to work with someone like Damian on his first album. Clearly his talents are being spread and appreciated around the business.

Bruno Mars reminds of Justin Timberlake a little bit. Before you all jump down my throat though, hear me out. One, he writes all of his music and play multiple instruments. He is one of the best male vocalist in the business right now and he doesn’t box himself into a genre. The reason Justin Timberlake is so successful is his ability to change on every track he does, and that he actually plays his music. Its hard to say what genre Justin is because he has tested the waters so many times. I am not saying that Bruno and Justin sound alike, but they have similar artistry.

Every single track that Bruno has done shows off his amazing voice. The chorus of ‘Liquor Store Blues’ comes off so natural, that its hard to imagine a song he couldn’t sing. In every song there is usually a line of section that I fall in love with. The pre-chorus where he sings ’cause my job got me going nowhere…’ is so melodic, and his voice does it justice.

Bruno’s album just went to the top of my list of my list. Luckily we won’t have to wait to long because the album comes out on October 5th. I’m positive that it will be full of hits, but I’m hoping he will continue to dabble with different sounds and genres. With a voice this good it would be a shame to not see all it can do.

What do you think of the song?

‘Just The Way You Are’- Bruno Mars

Rating: B+

Bruno Mars has been pretty fortunate this past year with all the success he has seen as a feature artist. He has had two top ten hits to his name without even releasing his debut single yet. ‘Just The Way You Are’ is the first official single from his debut album due out later this year. It’s evident that his team planned to drop the single just as his featured song, ‘Billionaire’, began to fizzle out. With the right promo the song could do wonders on the radio and possibly solidify Bruno’s spot in the industry.

Bruno’s strong point is his voice, which is impeccable. It is impossible for someone to listen to him without recognizing his vocal talent. ‘Just The Way You Are’ perfectly showcases his voice without going over the top. He has a lot of soul when he sings and this is key to engaging the audience. He blends into the beat perfect during the introduction of the song, starting it off perfectly. There has been a lack of male vocalist lately so Bruno could potentially lead the pack if he continues to release singles that show all of his sides vocally.

The song itself is good, but I would hardly say that is amazing. The lyrics are too cheesy, but the piano lead beat is a good listen. The song was produced by Bruno’s production team, which showcases his talents even further. Most artist are not able to have creative control over their first few albums, so Bruno should be thankful that he has the opportunity to write his own music and have it released.

The song should be a hit on the pop charts. I think that it doesn’t have enough soul to be on the R&B stations, which will condense his fan base but he will get by just fine. I’m anxious to hear what his album will sound like. I am hoping that he will blend a mix of genres on his album, which would make sense since all of the songs we have heard him in are different. Hopefully the song will start gaining some buzz and the top 40 radio stations will pick it up soon.

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